Benjamin Bullard


VINEMONT— It was great weather for a break from the school day Friday, so kids at the Cullman County Child Development Center headed outdoors to spend an afternoon honking big-rig horns, exploring the inside of fire engines, and taking to the pilot’s seat of a helicopter.

CCDC student Dylan McKleroy, center, gets an assist from parents Jonathan and Jessica after stealing a moment behind the wheel of a Walmart bi…

Jon, a CCDC ninth grader, was excited to see the inside of a helicopter Friday afternoon.

Alabama State Troopers were on hand Friday to pose for pictures and get better acquainted with students and parents at Cullman’s Child Develop…

Capturing the motorcyclin’ moment at Friday’s Restore Love event at the Cullman Child Development Center.


This year’s state-conducted assessment of the performance of school systems throughout Alabama has yielded both Cullman City and County schools a perfect GPA. Both public school systems took home a letter grade of ‘A’ in the state Department of Education’s 2018-2019 Education Report Card.

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