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The Cullman Wastewater Department will be smoke-testing sewer lines in the Katherine Street area on Thursday, June 20.


I have to take issue with the “logic” presented by state Rep. Rich Wingo, R-Tuscaloosa, in the April 6 edition of The Times and that of all other pro-life supporters in that they fail to comprehend, most being male, that it is the woman who becomes pregnant and it is they who, even when having children, are the primary care givers for children.

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A survey found that 37 percent of Americans could not pay a medical bill of $100 or more without going into debt, and 19 percent of respondents could not pay anything at all towards a medical bill without incurring debt. In addition, 55 percent of respondents had received a medical bill that they could not pay with available funds. 

AUSTIN - Despite a U.S. Supreme Court decision last year overturning the state's abortion restrictions, Texas lawmakers rejoined a battle over the procedure in the state Senate on Wednesday.