The weekend shootings that left 31 people dead and dozens wounded has stirred predictable debates about gun control.

This happens each time a mass shooting occurs. Americans are outraged and shocked and the politicians ramp up arguments that seem to go nowhere.

A Republican governor has called for improved background checks in Ohio, and some Republicans and Democrats appear to be joining forces to make inroads into the issue.

With support coming from leaders who are staunchly pro-Second Amendment, there is a possibility that better background checks for gun purchases could be on the way. There are other issues, however, that need to included.

Rising concerns about mental health, hate websites poisoning minds, the massive amounts of ammunition that can be purchased, and the types of weapons on the street are all in the conversation.

The tragedy is the loss of life from more than than 250 mass shootings this year in the United States. The sub-tragedy to the death toll is that nothing has been done to improve screenings and keep weapons out of the hands of people intent on random murder.

This issue has nothing to do with Americans’ right to bear arms. That right is a foundation and most gun owners are responsible and should be ensured that their rights are not going away.

We understand that there is no perfect answer or assurances that all shootings can be stopped. But there should be enough legal answers from the political side, without policies that would devalue Americans’ rights and liberties, to make our lives safer. Law-abiding citizens, whether they own guns or not, deserve responsible leadership in Washington that addresses this epidemic of violence and murder.

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