Republican Roy Moore, the twice-removed Alabama Supreme Court chief justice and failed U.S. Senate candidate is leading the pack of hopefuls for the 2020 election, according to early polling in the race for the seat now held by Democrat Doug Jones.

The funny thing is that Moore has not announced a candidacy for the Senate. He lost the race to Jones, giving Alabama its first Democratic U.S. senator in years.

The poll, from Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy, was reported by al.com Tuesday. Among the findings are who trails Moore among Republicans — everybody. Additionally, the poll shows a majority of women surveyed favor Moore and not a list of other Republicans who have political status.

Really, Alabama?

There’s little doubt Las Vegas would offer favorable odds on Jones winning reelection in 2020 in this deep Republican state. But, how many times does someone have to be thrown out of office and fail at the ballot box, before some die-hard Republicans quit pledging their allegiance to him?

Moore has a long history of taking controversial stands during his terms as chief justice; they were so extreme that he was sent home. Those years produced plenty of national headlines and embarrassment for Alabama.

Moore’s ride in the most-recent Senate race became surreal after accusations arose from several women about his conduct when he was younger. While he argued vehemently against his accusers, the real reason for his defeat and the crack in the long-standing Republican armor that girds Alabama is that he is just too outrageous and polarizing to hold a seat in the Senate.

Republicans have plenty of choices in the 2020 Senate race to not allow Roy to find traction on the campaign trail. Alabama is enjoying growth and striving to address a number of key issues that can attract positive national and international attention. Putting Moore at the head of Alabama’s Republican class is not good for our state.

Moore has failed as an elected official, letting personal beliefs get in the way of fairness. We hope his political trail has come to an end and that this week’s poll is no more than a game of name recognition among those who were polled.

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