Small cities and towns often struggle to attract visitors, investments and even maintain or grow population as urban areas continue to pack in new jobs and residents.

Hanceville is looking to stand up against the aforementioned trend, and to date, the community is moving ahead with plans that are definitely drawing attention.

Equipped with the designation of an Alabama Community of Excellence (ACE), Hanceville leaders have completed a rigorous process that creates realistic plans, strategies and abilities to ensure more development.

Hanceville became the first city in Cullman County to gain the designation and is now among only 39 in Alabama.

Mayor Kenneth Nail said one of the strengths found in ACE is that the organization looks at what the town’s leaders envision and then provides the knowledge and abilities to pursue that dream.

A focus in recent years for Hanceville is revitalizing its downtown area by attracting new businesses and developing upstairs apartments to attract more residents.

Hanceville is also pushing deeper into festivals and public entertainment as a way to draw more visitors, and has built a reputation for organizing outstanding events along the way.

As the host city of Wallace State Community College, where thousands of students attend, Hanceville has opportunities to push growth and create enjoyable experiences for not only students, but faculty and staff, as well as the entire community.

Attracting new businesses and retaining existing ones are vital for the future of any city. Hanceville now has training, strategies and support through ACE to move even further ahead in its quest to growth and sustain.

Congratulations to Hanceville leaders in successfully pursuing the ACE designation and pushing for greater success in the community.

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