Our nation’s birthday Thursday will be highlighted festivals, cookouts and star-spangled fireworks to celebrate the bold declaration of July 4, 1776, in which Thomas Jefferson and many other great freedom thinkers declared independence from the old-world crown of Great Britain.

The summer anniversary of the birth of the United States has long been a proud holiday.

The Founders set a tone in the fledgling years of the country that was widely unheard of in their world. The idea of government being by the people, with voters deciding who leads the nation, and the elaborate freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was a shocking rebellion. And soon that revolution of freedom spread to many other countries.

Americans, from diverse backgrounds, have at times fought bitter internal political battles, as well a civil war, over the meaning and depth of the freedoms that the nation’s founders established. Surely, some observers in the last two centuries had doubt the American experiment of citizen government and extensive freedoms would last.

But the dream that led to the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence survived. There are still great debates internally on the scope of our freedoms, but they are also celebrated and cherished by Americans from all walks of life.

Independence Day 2019 will be another day when the red, white and blue are proudly displayed and saluted.

Locally, a few events with climax shows of fireworks at Smith Lake Park and Heritage Park allow family and neighbors to showcase their patriotism. We hope everyone enjoys the day.

Remember and be thankful that you live in the greatest country on this earth and enjoy the freedoms that go with it being a U.S. citizen. Happy July Fourth.

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