Rep. Randall Shedd

Rep. Randall Shedd at an event at Wallace State Community College in Nov. 2018.

As we move toward the upcoming legislative session beginning February 4th, I will try to summarize my goals for the session.

The most rewarding part of my job in Montgomery is when I can help someone back home navigate the state bureaucracy.

Whether it’s an individual, a business, mayor or commissioner, resolving problems or getting projects approved is most rewarding.

It’s easy to get sidetracked with all the political theatrics in Montgomery but staying focused is my primary goal.

My 2020 Legislative Goals are:

• First and foremost I want to state focused locally.

• Infrastructure projects

• Help citizens & businesses navigate state bureaucracy

• Economic development

• Agribusiness

• A Safer Alabama

• School Safety

• Resolve Prison Issues

• Crime Control

• Mental Health & Substance Abuse

• Review Previously Passed Criminal Justice Reform

• A Healthier Alabama

• Infrastructure Safety

• Volunteer Fire Departments

• Bring rural Alabama up without bringing urban Alabama down

• Poverty prevention

• Broadband expansion

• Utilize Community College System

• Rural healthcare

• Support & utilize the new rural economic development position at state commerce office

• Education

• Promote strong Pre-K through 12, public education system

• Address near the bottom national rankings in math and reading

• Bonus for education retirees

• Better Customer Service by State Agencies

• Driver License Offices

• Review Agencies for renewal by Sunset Committee

• Advocate for Senior Citizens

• Continue to serve on the Alabama Department of Services Board

• Support rural bus transportation system

• Protect RSA (Retirement System of Alabama

This goal can be moved to number one at any point an effort to undermine RSA, takeover RSA or adversely impact public employees’ retirement benefits is detected

A number of “hot-button” issues must be addressed in the 2020 legislative session, which means it has the potential of becoming chaotic. I’m more concerned about that this year than in previous years.

I’ve seen gambling consume a legislative session. That can happen again this session.

A number of regional issues are ripe for potential shutdown of the session. Hopefully, we can avoid it. The potential for political fights between different parts of the state could cause legislative interruptions.

We’re seeing a lot of passion on multiple sides of Medical marijuana legislation.

And, the March primary elections and possible run-offs to follow will likely cause some grandstanding in the legislature this year.

It’s an honor to serve. Thank y’all for letting me represent you in Montgomery.

Alabama Rep. Randall Shedd (R-Fairview) represents Cullman County.

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