As prices rise everywhere, it’s important to remember our local business owners and employees. They need our support right now.

On June 10, the Consumer Price Index report was released for the month of May. For the South Region, there was a 1 percent increase for the food index and a 6.1 percent increase in the energy index.

Price increases are hitting our wallets every day, and that includes the wallets of those in the business of doing business — our neighbors and friends and those we share Sunday services with. Think about where you’re spending.

Some of us, for example, may be planning a summer trip. Put your money into local businesses when you travel. And that includes those of us more inclined to stay-cations.

Doing something as simple as being conscious about visiting restaurants that are local can make a difference. It just takes one pebble to cause ripples in the lake.

Not everyone has the extra dime to spend on travel right now. Or on anything else at all for that matter. Sometimes it’s hard enough to keep afloat at home. If there’s anything the last two years taught us, it’s that you never know what will happen next.

While you’re in Cullman County this summer, and as you tighten your wallet, spend with intention and choose friends and neighbors.

Need fresh vegetables? Visit the farmers’ market. Need a gift for Father’s Day, a birthday, wedding or other celebration? Check out our voluminous mom-and-pop shops.

Every cent you put into the community is a way to give back to yourself. You’re strengthening the economy closest to your home. It’s easy to get caught up in the business of the nation as inflation soars. If each of us focuses on helping our local economies, maybewe can make a ripple that helps Cullman County thrive and keeps the next small business alive.

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