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The election process can be hectic with the millions of voters flocking to the polls, but the debacle in Florida where two major races remain undecided more than a week after election day is pathetic.


The nighttime attack on a popular California club Wednesday left at least 12 people dead and leaves a chilling reminder that random disregard for life has become too familiar with the frequency of mass killings.


After 14 years of service to the City of Cullman, Garlan Gudger is preparing to take the skills that made him successful at home to the often contentious halls of state government.


A series of pipe bombs intended for former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden, CNN and others leaves a troubling pall over the nation as mid-term elections approach.

Learning to drive is a rite of passage, especially for Americans who have long adored the power and convenience of the automobile.


Smokers have been relegated to designated areas through the years because of health concerns over second-hand smoke, while the growing crowd that vapes emits varied aromas of steam for all to inhale.

The ever-advancing world of technology is creating both a sense of anxiety and opportunity for workers. In reality, workers who embrace the future and prepare for changes will be those who are leading the way in a strong economic climate.


Sheriff Matt Gentry sat down with Cullman County commissioners Tuesday to outline the growing demands on deputies and the need for additional funding.

The heat and distortion of political rhetoric is a rallying cry to supporters, sometimes effectively diverting attention from one issue to create a sense of calamity.

A historical moment unfolded Monday at the Cullman City Council meeting when Jenny Folsom became the first woman selected to serve as president of the governing body.


The weather remains hot, but in less than two weeks, stadium lights will brighten the night skies across Cullman County for the kickoff of another high school football season.


The First Amendment is a simply written, valuable doctrine for the United States, yet perceived challenges to those words deserve thorough scrutiny from the nation’s leaders.

Driving through Cullman 10 years ago was not particularly challenging, but that’s been changing as the volume of automobile accidents increase.


The Cullman County Museum is a familiar landmark and gathering place for a look back at history and understanding the birth and growth of the local community.

Six months into the year, Alabama’s traffic death toll was nearing 300, attributable to a variety of reasons ranging from not wearing seat belts to distracted driving to drug and alcohol abuse.

The nation’s birthday celebration is arriving Wednesday with a mix of mirth and melancholy after the deadly shooting Thursday at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland.

A coalition of residents who see first-hand how mental health issues affect the community received more good news in recent days with the donation of more money to help initiate a plan to improve health care for area residents.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, leader of a state that is third nationally in automobile exports, has warned proposed import tariffs could harm the state’s economy.

The family of the late Stephen Griffith made a generous donation to the Cullman Area Mental Health Foundation this week, launching what is hoped will be a community-wide effort to provide far-reaching mental healthcare.

The long trail of handshakes, hot dog dinners and political forums will end when decision day arrives Tuesday for Democratic and Republican candidates in the primaries.