Attack Squirrel Meth

In this June 2019 photo released by the Limestone County Sheriff's Office, a squirrel is shown in a cage, in Ala. Alabama investigators say a man kept the caged "attack squirrel" in his apartment and fed it methamphetamine to ensure it stayed aggressive. (Limestone County Sheriff's Office via AP)

After a story about an “attack squirrel” in Limestone County went viral, a Limestone man posted a video denying the fact he ever fed the squirrel methamphetamine.

Mickey Paulk, 35, is being actively sought by the Limestone County Sheriff's Office on drug charges after a search warrant was served at an apartment on Piney Chapel Road in Athens. The Sheriff's Office said it was Paulk's apartment, but Paulk — in a Facebook post — denied he lived there.

A statement from the Sheriff's Office said drugs and a caged squirrel were found in the apartment. The same statement said narcotics investigators were told the squirrel was an “attack squirrel” and that Paulk gave the animal methamphetamine to keep it aggressive.

In the video, which contains language that may be offensive to some, Paulk denies he gave the drug to the animal. He added it would be fatal to a squirrel.

The Sheriff's Office freed the confiscated animal. Paulk is shown in the video petting a squirrel he indicates is the same animal.

He claimed the squirrel was at the top of a tree screaming after it was released in the wild. Paulk claims he pulled up, whistled and the squirrel jumped on his shoulder.

Paulk said the squirrel is mean and has bitten people, but it's not on drugs.

He also released the following statement:

“Its amazing the things people will say when they just can't say nothing else when they know they were dead wrong and somebody called up there with a bunch of (expletive deleted) information to the limestone county sheriff's department.

hey mr Jaime King decided to execute a search warrant based on (expletive deleted) information. In hopes of charging me with a bunch of (expletive deleted). However he found out that I was not at that residence any longer and that might have made him a little bit mad so he decides to go ahead and charge me anyway which possession even though I was not present during a search. Kind of hard to possess something when you're not even there .. that's the law.

In order to be charged with possession I must be there . there were no guns found in the home. Only a little bit of dope that was found in someone's pocket while they were searching the home. I wasn't there or I would be in jail well apparently it doesn't matter. I guess if they search Bob's house the drugs are Joe's as ling as thats who they want the drugs if they want the drugs to belong to.

In the squirrel thing well that was just one last little effort try to make me the bad guy. just because you wear a badge doesn't mean you're not a (expletive deleted) criminal if you break the law. When I found out the home and then searched I called the sheriff's department ask to speak to mister King explained the law to mr. King in case he was ignorant to it the law states you can't charge a person unless present during that search the home is not in my name I don't live at there. I even have paperwork where I moved from there from the landlord.

So they let a mess addicted attack squirrel go on the public. how you like that people?

Wow really tell you what that squirrel has been bottle-fed I've had him since he was a few hours old feeding every 2 hours raise it like it was my own . hell a newborn child eats 4 hours and sleeps through the night.

That little sucker eat every 2 and requires so much more. He does not know how to live in the wild. So all they really did was try to kill him. But I pulled up and whistled and he jumped on my shoulder. He's a little shook up by the whole incident.

The real criminal here the one that's trying to falsify charges and her little squirrels slander people's names well it ain't me . have a good day and God bless yall.”

Long history

Paulk has an extensive criminal history dating back to 2001, court records show. Previous charges include theft, receiving stolen property and manufacturing a controlled substance. He also previously served time in the Limestone Correctional Facility.

In 2016, he was arrested on robbery charges in connection to a robbery on Dairy Road. In that case, a female victim claimed she was beaten by two other women who took her phone, boots and a bag containing clothing. Paulk drove the victim to the location where the robbery occurred, according to a report.

The cellphone, which was later recovered, contained text messages from Paulk to the victim.

Anyone with information about Paulk's whereabouts is asked to call the Sheriff's Office at 256-232-0111.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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