Cullman Police Department

The arrival of summer ushers in not just a season of fun in the sun, but an increase of vehicle break-ins, especially in residential areas.

Just like the compressed Christmas shopping season, when thieves look for easy pickings in unlocked vehicles, summer brings much of the same, but for a longer period of time.

“Schools out and more people are out doing things with the warmer weather,” said Cullman Police Chief Kenny Culpepper. 

“We see the same thing in this season as Christmas, with people who are intent on stealing going about looking in cars and seeing which ones are unlocked. If you see someone walking around in your neighborhood that seems suspicious, report it right away.”

Officers advise that no matter where you park a car, at a shopping center or home, put valuables out of sight and lock the doors.

“Even if you go by your house for a few minutes to get something, it’s a good idea to lock the car doors. You never know if someone is scouting the neighborhood, and if the car is unlocked a theft happens in a matter of seconds. They see something valuable or easy to sell, and they will try the door quickly. If it’s unlocked, you could lose a purse or other valuable items just by not locking the door. Any potential thief will typically move along quickly if the door is locked.”

Cullman police offer the following precautionary tips for protecting property in your vehicle:

— try to park in well-lighted areas.

— remove valuables from the vehicle, or put them out of sight.

— always lock your vehicles, at home or elsewhere.

— set alarms or anti-theft devices.

— report anyone that seems suspicious in your neighborhood.


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