Fire & Rescue

Fire & Rescue were on hand to help with any medical issues at the 2018 Rock the South.

With thousands of people gathering at the new venue of Rock the South friday and Saturday, the old problem of staying hydrated will remain an issue in the hot weather.

Cullman Fire Chief Brian Bradberry said with high temperatures expected to reach 86 today and 87 Saturday, a long day of fun in sun can take a toll on anyone, no matter their physical condition.

“Each year, one of the main issues we face is treating people for heat exhaustion, which can be dealt with if people react quickly enough and take some precautions,” Bradberry said. “What we’re recommending is everyone drink plenty of water and take breaks from being out in the sun. There are places where you do that.”

Rock the South has added a 20 x 60 misting tent for fans, while Bradberry said there is also a medical tent where people can come if they start to feel symptoms of the heat.

“We have a lot of medical personnel ready to assist anyone who needs it,” Bradberry said. “We also have ambulances on hand if someone has a heat stroke or other conditions.”

Among the tips to remember about being in the sun:

— wear sunscreen.

— choose clothing that is appropriate for remaining cool.

— drink water.

— take breaks from being in the sun.

Medical personnel also have ATVs that are on standby to go directly to anyone having a heat issue. Bradberry said those will be stationed around the crowd for immediate response.

“Make yourself familiar with them, they will be visible, and if someone you know or see is having issues, get them to come to that person,” Bradberry said.

While many fans will enjoy drinking beer and soda, those beverages will contribute to dehydration without using some precautions.

“We want everyone to have a good time, but be safe,” Bradberry said. “Making sure you get the water and protection from the sun will make a big difference.”

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