Holy church break-in Batman!

A man dressed as Batman has broken into churches around Alabama in recent weeks, and may be behind a break-in at Grace Chapel Church last week.

A man dressed as Batman is suspected in church break-ins around Alabama and in the Southeast, and he may be involved in a break-in last week at Cullman's Grace Chapel Church.

The burglar broke into the church's new location on Main Avenue SW last week and stole a guitar, a keyboard and computers worth $16,000, said CPD Sergeant Adam Clark.

He said the department believes the Grace Chapel break-in is related to other break-ins by a man wearing a Batman mask around the state and region, but it is not yet know if they are the same person.

Similar incidents include a burglary that happened on Dec. 11 at King's Way Church in Irondale. The caped crook stole a keyboard and a guitar, according to Irondale Det. Sgt. Michael Mangina.

The suspect came back to the same church on Jan. 6 and stole two more guitars.

Both times the culprit used a rock to enter the church, Mangina said.

On Jan. 9, two churches in Jasper and one in unincorporated Walker County were also burglarized, Jasper police wrote on Facebook. Musical instruments and electronics were also stolen.

Mangina said that churches in Shelby County as well as Georgia and Tennessee may have been burglarized by the same suspect.

“We have to take this bad guy off the streets,’’ Mangina said. “Stealing from a church is not the way to get to Heaven.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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