Cullman City Schools Superintendent Kyle Kallhoff

Cullman City Schools Superintendent Kyle Kallhoff to parent Jocelyn Logan, whose son, a Cullman High School student, is Black. Logan said this wasn't the first racist incident and her son had been threatened.

Cullman City Schools Superintendent Kyle Kallhoff addressed a recent off-campus incident involving Cullman High School students and a video during Tuesday night’s board meeting, and said racism will not be tolerated at any of the city’s schools. 

“The Cullman City School System does not support racist statements nor condone racism or racially-motivated hate statements,” he said.

Kallhoff said the situation has been addressed by the system in adherence with the board’s policies and student code of conduct, but said specific students or disciplinary actions will not be discussed with the public.

He said the system adheres to state and federal rules regarding such incidents and disciplinary action, including a recently-adopted Alabama State Board of Education resolution that states that no school shall teach any student that one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex.

“It is important to know that all students are welcome at any of our high schools or any of our campuses, no matter their race, their gender or their differing beliefs,” he said. “If a student ever feels threatened on any of our campuses for any reason, we would like them to report it to an administrator immediately.”

Kallhoff said he has been in contact with the Alabama State Department of Education on guidance for best practices and strategies to encourage acceptance of others despite differences. 

“This board and I are tasked and committed to lead the teaching and learning of all students enrolled in the Cullman City School System, no matter their race, their gender or their differing beliefs,” he said. 

A group of parents attempted to speak to the board with concerns about how the incident has been handled by the system, but they were not allowed to speak because they had not signed up to be added to the meeting’s agenda to address the board. 

Board member Jason Neal suggested the group sign up to speak at a future board meeting or set up an appointment to meet with Kallhoff to speak about the incident.

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