Cullman County School Board members

Cullman County School Board members, from left, Gene Sullins, Board President Shane Rusk, Cullman County Schools Superintendent Shane Barnette and board member Kerry Neighbors discuss the board's agenda before Thursday's meeting.

The Cullman County School Board approved bids for several new gym floors and paving at campuses across the county during Thursday's meeting.

The board approved bids for more than $100,000 in gym floor replacements by Gym Service & Installation Co. Inc., with a new floor for Cold Springs Elementary's gym coming in at $38,081, Hanceville Elementary's at $38,500, Holly Pond Elementary and West Point Elementary's new floors both coming in at $36,500.

The board also also approved a bid for $543,300 with Good Hope Contracting for multiple paving projects throughout the district.

During the work session preceding Thursday's meeting, Board President Shane Rusk also brought up the idea of extending Superintendent Shane Barnette's contract for four more years.

"We're going through some trying times right now, and I think our whole system has come through it better and stronger," he said. "That all starts with our leader, Dr. Barnette."

Rusk said the board should have a contract extension to consider during next month's meeting.

The board also approved the termination of employment for one of the system's probationary classified employees, which will be effective 15 days after the employee is notified of the decision. Barnette said the name of the employee will be released to the public at that time.

Before the meeting adjourned, the board entered into an executive session to discuss the consideration the board is willing to offer or accept when considering the purchase, sale, exchange, lease or market value of real property. The board took no action after returning.

In other business, the council:

  • Approved the following resignations and retirements:
  • Story E. Hogeland, Cold Springs Elementary, temporary K-12 special education teacher, effective April 5, resignation.
  • Benjamin T. Ezell, Cold Springs High special education teacher, effective May 28, resignation.
  • Latisha S. Jackson, Good Hope High teacher, effective May 28, resignation.
  • Kyndell L. Tucker, Holly Pond High teacher, effective May 28, resignation.
  • Rubie Reasonover, Harmony special education teacher, effective May 31, retirement.
  • Approved the following leaves of absence:
  • Kaylin-Kate Crider Tuten, Cold Springs Elementary special education teacher, beginning Feb. 23 through May 24, FMLA.
  • Pam Hogan Mack, Harmony teacher, beginning March 1 through May 28, FMLA.
  • Jill Mattea Perry, Child Development Center speech language pathologist, beginning May 12 through June 28, board leave.
  • Approved the following voluntary transfer:
  • Jennifer Lilla Manasco, from Holly Pond Elementary custodian to Holly Pond High CNP worker, effective April 5.
  • Approved the following appointment:
  • Tina Sunday Harden, Holly Pond Elementary custodian, effective April 8.
  • Approved the following long-term certified teacher substitute: Kathryn Allen Risner, effective April 12.
  • Approved the following tutors effective Oct. 19, paid $25 for virtual, afterschool and traditional Title I, paid by federal programs, Title I school allocation and GEERS: Harmony School- Heather Jones.
  • Approved the following contract extensions for summer 2021:
  • Bridget Arnold, summer work at Hanceville Elementary, part-time as needed, current salary rate, local school funds.
  • Jessica Reeves, summer work at Hanceville Elementary, part-time as needed, current salary rate, local school funds.
  • Stacie Olinger, summer work at Hanceville Elementary, part-time as needed, current salary rate, local school funds.
  • Approved a request from Fairview High School to pay George Redding an extra supplement of $2,500 from the booster club for extra coaching duties, paid by Fairview Booster Club.
  • Approved a request for the following to assist Technology and Curriculum Departments with parents/guardians during kindergarten registration, paid substitute rate of $75 per day from the general fund: Selina Butts, Tammie Hudson, Michele Robertson.
  • Approved Summer Learning Camps for K-5 grade schools and personnel for June 11 through July 2 from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. each day. K-3 grades will host Summer Reading Camps and fourth and fifth graders will participate in Summer Learning Camps to include reading and math, paid by GEERS and ESSER:
  • Personnel: Lead teacher- $180 a day, teacher- $150 a day, aide- $80 a day:
  • Cold Springs Elementary- lead teacher- Julie Windsor; teachers- Kellie Shelton, Neva Hite, Karen Henderson, Brittany Martin, Carrie Bookout, Penny Collins, Jennifer Rice, Denise Brewer, Kim Bookout, Elizabeth Holloway, Angela Calvert, Sydney Shumaker, Andrea Huff, Haley Freeman, Amy Myers, Karen McReath; aides- Sabrina Tidwell, Judy Isbell, Caron Finley.
  • Fairview Elementary- lead teacher- Karri Moore; teachers- Dana Bailey, Christina Lindsey, Machiela Richard, Mackenzie McKoy, Julie Laney, Amy Hutchison, Robert Strane, April Alldredge, Pam Draper; aides- Lamanda Mapes, Will Jochum.
  • Good Hope Primary- lead teacher- Cindy Pearson; teachers- Kristi Seal, Stephanie McDowell, Trish Whatley, Deidra Wix, Leslie Needham, Amy Wallace, Lendy Hancock, Crissy Dingler, Lisa Stevens, Amanda McKenney, Jennifer Wright, Kristi Barnette; aides- Emily Creel.
  • Good Hope Elementary- lead teacher- Amanda Swann; teachers- Cynthia Penn, Sara Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Dickerson, Melanie Haynes, Erica Veal.
  • Hanceville Elementary- lead teacher- Michelle Pender; teachers- Laura Newton, Barbara Owens, Hannah Sumner, Mark Armstrong, Cindy Gonstad, Christy Banks; aides- Marcia Pender.
  • Harmony- lead teacher- Elaine Wren; teachers- Madison Wren, Angela Baggett, Monica Smith, Heather Jones; aides- Amy Ferster, Ronda Holt, Amy Freeman, Brandy Shadix.
  • Holly Pond Elementary- lead teacher- Cynthia Hawkins; teachers- Lori Baggett, Letha Miller, Robin Brannan, Lynn Yarbrough, Sherry Edmondson, Shawna Finley, Bob Kusz, Cindy Talley, Breann Allbright, June Wood, Rachel Daugherty; aides- Janet Ferrell, Haleigh Harbison.
  • Parkside- lead teacher- Nannette Clark; teacher- Magan Grigsby.
  • Vinemont Elementary- lead teacher- Amy Cates; teachers- Audrey Terry, Hayley Drake, Amber Robinson, Michelle Schlosser, Amy Page, Emme Willoughby; aides- Savanna Davis.
  • Welti Elementary- lead teacher- Jennifer Hays; teachers- Samantha Barbee, Reilly Hood; aides- Kayla Drake.
  • West Point Elementary- lead teacher- Faith Helms; teachers- Jessica Taylor, Teresa Looney, Anna Calvert, Audrey Parker, Regina Wilhite; aides- Connie Guthrie, LaCosta McNabb.
  • West Point Intermediate- lead teacher- Jennifer Tucker; teachers- Shane Carter, Cynthia Thompson, Melissa Johnson, Kate Crider, Allison Morgan.
  • Child Development Center- lead teacher- Summer Walker; teachers- Jessica Turner, Karlie Baker.
  • Virtual Summer Reading Camp- teachers- Kristy Harris, Ashley Uhrig.
  • Approved Summer Reading Camps for 6-12 grades and personnel from June 14-25 from 8 a.m. to noon each day, paid by GEERS and ESSER:
  • Personnel: Administrator- $200 a day, teachers- $150 a day.
  • Administrator- Dr. Wes Black; teachers- Tammy West, Justin Cornelius, Susan Sellers, Samantha Whisenant, Lisa Holt, Matthew McCulloch, Kalie Faulk, Tiffany Ellis, Josh Davis, Janie Parsons, Shanna Aker, Chelsie Alldredge, Brittany Sams.
  • Approved a request from the following schools to offer summer driver's education and personnel, paid by tuition/local school funds: Good Hope High- Mitch Witcher, Holly Pond High- Brett Neal, Vinemont High- Jason Teichmiller, West Point High- Don Farley.
  • Approved February 2021 financial statements.
  • Approved February 2021 bills and salaries in the amount of $7,779,168.82.
  • Approved to close the current checking account at Hanceville High School and reopen a new account due to fraudulent checks being written on the account.
  • Approved a request for Morris Haynes to represent Cold Springs High School regarding the refund of funds they paid to a bus company that has refused to repay the school.
  • Approved a request to issue contracts for lighting at Harmony and Fairview High School- approximately $262,000.
  • Approved a request from the Technology Department to award the Remote Access Software bid to Sydesi Solutions, Inc. for TeamViewer access license at $1,236.75 per client license.
  • Approved a request from Dr. Anita Kilpatrick to sell old middle and high school math and miscellaneous textbooks to the highest bidder.
  • Gave permission to negotiate and enter into an agreement with Enterprise Fleet Services to provide future service vehicles.

Tyler Hanes can be reached at 256-734-2131 ext. 238.

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