Cullman City Schools

To make room for possible future growth, the City of Cullman is selling a plot of land next to West Elementary School to the Cullman City School Board.

The land, which is currently used as a youth football and soccer field, adjoins Nesmith Park and is located across 3rd Street SW from West Elementary.

In a special called meeting Monday afternoon, Mayor Woody Jacobs said the city has met with the school board several times about the board’s plans for future expansion, and selling the land to the school system gives the board an option that they can include in that planning.

“What we’re doing here is making sure the schools have the option, if necessary, to use this piece of property in some of their long-range plans,” Jacobs said. 

The city is also applying for a grant to replace the old pool in Nesmith Park with a splash pad. Selling the piece of property means that it will not have to be included in the grant process and can instead be used by the school system.

“We’re just cleaning up everything on paper to where we can make it work,” he said. 

Until the school board decides to use the land, the land will remain in use as a football and soccer field. 

“It’s still going to be a peewee/weewee football field,” Jacobs said. “Nothing’s changing except for some legal stuff.”

The Cullman City School Board will also have to pass an ordinance to buy the property before the sale is final.

Cullman City Schools Superintendent Susan Patterson praised the cooperation between the school board and city council in working together to improve local schools.

“Cullman City Schools values the support and coordination of the Cullman City Council and Mayor Jacobs. When opportunities present themselves that are mutually beneficial for students and all citizens of Cullman, we want to ensure we are working together,” she said in an email.

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