Proposed Arts & Entertainment District

The shaded area represents the proposed Arts & Entertainment District.

The Cullman City Council has set a public hearing for Jan. 13 to hear community members’ opinions on an Arts and Entertainment District located in the southwest part of the city.

The proposed boundaries for the district include Art Park, Werner’s Trading Company on the west side of Main Avenue SW and from 2nd Street SW to 6th Street SW between 5th Avenue SW and 3rd Avenue SW.

The Arts and Entertainment District will have all of the same rules and regulations of the city’s Special Events District — which is located between the railroad tracks behind 1st Avenue NE and 2nd Avenue NE from the Cullman Police Department’s parking lot to the Busy Bee Cafe at 5th Street SE — which will allow alcohol sales and open containers while city-approved events are taking place.

Cullman Mayor Woody Jacobs said the addition of the district will mean events can be hosted in the southwest part of the city along with the current events district, and that could raise property values in the area and increase investment in that part of town.

City Clerk Wes Moore said there are several other cities in the state that have seen success with their own Arts and Entertainment Districts, and Cullman could benefit from the addition of another district that could host events, he said.

“Say you want to have an arts festival, now you can have a strip where you can have an arts festival,” he said. 

He said those other cities have used green spaces or areas with undeveloped buildings to help revitalize those locations, and there are several empty buildings in the proposed district that could become more attractive to developers if regular events were being held nearby.

“Hopefully it will work the same for Cullman,” he said. 

Moore said maps of the district will be available at the public hearing, but the district’s layout is just in its early planning stages at this point, so portions of it may be added or subtracted depending on the community’s input. 

“With the public hearing, it could change and it could be smaller, it could be larger based on public comments and what people say and what they think,” he said. “Nothing’s set in stone. This is kicking the idea out to see what people think.”

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