East and West Elementary Schools will soon have new flooring after the Cullman City School Board gave permission to go to bid for the project. 

The Cullman High School Ag Building will also be undergoing changes, as the board gave approval for Miller Roofing to replace the building’s roof. 

In other business, the board: 

Approved January 2018 payroll of $1,895,594.83, invoices paid of $265,330.35, financial statements and bank reconciliations. 

Approved following Head Start items: 

  - Expenditures report for January 2018

  - Health/nutrition/disabilities/enrollment report for January 2018

  - SF-425 Federal Financial Report - 12/31/17

  - Eligibility portfolio criteria

  - Annual report 2016-2017

Gave permission to surplus/salvage one inoperable refrigerator from East Elementary Extended Day Program

Gave permission to surplus/salvage three Dell projectors, two NEC projectors, three Dell desktops, two LCD monitors, two Dukane document cameras, one Brother printer, 60 Cisco access points and 42 smart boards

Gave permission for Cullman High School Jazz Band to travel to Atlanta to perform at Six Flags over Georgia on May 4 and return on May 5

Gave permission for Cullman High School baseball team to travel to Emerson, Georgia to play in the the Perfect Game High School Showdown on March 8-10

Approved FY2018 budget amendment #1

Proposed approval of new Head Start policies and procedures, program governance PG-GB01, PGGB02, PGGB03, PG-IP01, PG-IP02, PG-PC01, PG-PC01, PG-PCPC02 and PGT01. These items will be sent out to the Policy Review Committee and brought back for consideration. 

Approved Cullman City Head Start Extension applications for three Pre-K classrooms for the 2018-2019 school year from the Office of School Readiness

Approved the revised Head Start Education Manager job description to Head Start manager/education coach job description

Gave permission for Head Start to make up days missed on January 16 and 17 due to snow and ice, on May 18 and May 21

Gave permission for Cullman City Primary School to conduct a Kindergarten Camp during first two days of school: boys will attend school on August 7 and and girls will attend on August 8. 

Gave permission for Cullman City Primary School to adopt and purchase Literacy Materials, to be used as supplemental, not on the State Approved List. Submitted and agreed by the CCPS Textbook Committee

Gave permission for West Elementary School to receive quotes for lawn maintenance care for the campus to begin March 2018 and continue through October 2018

Gave permission to contract with North Central Softball Officials Association to perform officiating duties during the 2018 softball season

Gave permission to contract with Courtney Waters, Kristi Jackson, Elizabeth Shaddix and Amber Fox Campbell to provide NBPTS mentoring beginning January 3 through June 1, 2019

Gave permission to contract with Kelly Thrasher to provide homebound instruction beginning February 19 to September 30

Gave permission to contract with M’Kori Johnson to assist with Cullman City Primary School and Head Start enrollment and other clerical duties during summer 2018 (CCPS and Head Start funds)

Gave permission to contract with Lois Bice to work during summer 2018 to to prepare Cullman City Head Start for the 2018-2019 school year (Head Start funds)

Gave permission to contract with Ann Davis, Lorene Howell, and Sabrina Jackson to strip, wax and buff Central Office floors during summer 2018

Approved the following personnel considerations:


Jacob Drake, computer technician at Central Office, effective March 1

Jonlee Sasser, Special Education teacher at Cullman High School, effective February 22

Leaves of absence:

Brooke Kelley, requesting five days unpaid leave of absence from February 12-16 for maternity leave

Megan Cagle, Cullman Middle School, requesting maternity leave beginning August 2 through September 30. August 6 (Flex Day) will be completed in June.

Shan Goodlett, requesting four days unpaid study leave during the 2018 spring semester


Michael Allen Banks, custodian at East Elementary School, beginning March 1

William Tidwell, special education teacher at Cullman High School beginning March 2

Supplement resignation:

Jonlee Sasser, Football supplement, effective February 22

CHS Freshman Baseball Head Coach Supplement - six percent (Approved on 9/14/17):

Maison Goodwin and Taylor Sasser, community coaches, will split the six percent freshman head coach supplement with three percent going to each

Volunteer coach:

Laura Reid, Cullman City Schools volunteer tennis coach under Alabama High School Athletic Association coaching credentials.