An experienced grocer knows there is no use crying over spilled milk, because accidents will happen.

But if the milk is spilled on purpose, that’s another story.

Thanks to the latest craze on YouTube, some area teens have been copying a video in which young people go into a grocery store, grab a few gallons of milk and fall. The intent, as a practical joke, is to smash open the milk cartons and cause a mess and a scene of alarm.

A few teenagers in Cullman County have been picked up by Cullman Police Department investigators after two incidents at area stores. No one was hurt during the incidents, said Assistant Police Chief Craig Green.

“We understand it’s not a major crime, but the grocery stores are concerned. We also have concerns that someone is going to be hurt — an employee or customer who stops to help and falls down because of the spilled milk or whatever beverage was being carried,” Green said.

Green said the fad has been traced back to YouTube.

“We were able to find out that some people were talking about it through social media in our area. Arrests are pending. The store managers and employees take it seriously. In one case the milk got under a freezer and spoiled and really caused a lot of problems in moving the equipment and cleaning up,” Green said.

Those involved in the prank act like they are hurt and unable to stand up. That’s when Green and store managers fear that someone will get injured.

“When someone runs over to help, they don’t know it’s a prank. Someone could easily fall under that circumstance and then the situation become much more serious,” Green said. “We know it’s another fad and a prank, but we don’t want to see it happen beyond these two incidents. We can make charges if that’s what needs to be done.”

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