A 1,200 page report on the death of a United States Army staff sergeant from Cullman County revealed Paul Brandon Norris was killed by a self-inflicted gun shot that came after he used the gun to murder 20-year-old Kamisha Block, a soldier from Vidor, Texas.

Block’s mother, Jane Block, is upset that Army officials at first said her daughter was shot as a result of “friendly fire.”

It was several days after the incident that the Blocks learned their daughter’s death was not accidental. It took six more months before the Blocks were able to get the whole story about her daughter’s death.

Block is also upset the Army did not do more to protect her daughter from Norris, who physically assaulted Kamisha before and after they were shipped to Iraq, the report said.

The final assault came about a week before the deaths, according to Block.

“We’re so angry,” Block said. “We feel like the Army failed her and us.

“We feel like there’s been no justice done. The person that shot her had been reported (for assault) a couple of times, and I think they talked to him and counseled him — and he assaulted her even after that.”

Members of Norris’ family could not be reached for comment Friday.

Both Norris, 30, and Block were assigned to the 401st Military Police Battalion, 89th Military Police Brigade in Fort Hood, Texas. It was there that Block said the two began a relationship.

When Block asked Army officials why she was not immediately told about the actual circumstances of her daughter’s death, she said they admitted “a lot of mistakes were made.”

Block said she doesn’t think Army officials made a mistake when they provided the Block family with erroneous information.

“I feel like they knew what had happened,” Block said. “They told me she’d been shot in the chest one time when in fact she had been shot several times.”

Block said when she began doing her own investigation into the matter, the Army continued to provide information that was not true. She said Army investigators told her Kamisha was shot by a man named Paul Brandon. That name reminded Block of a similar name she had heard her daughter mention.

“She had talked about him,” Block said. “They had some type of relationship.”

Block said her daughter never mentioned the incidents of abuse.

Block said she suspects the mix-up on Norris’ name was intentional.

“They had just changed his first name and middle name around — I guess to confuse me,” she said.

Even after reading the official report, Block said she still does not feel like she has gotten the full story. Partly, because the copy provided to the Blocks was a censored version in which much of the information was blacked out.

“I feel like they owe us more,” said Block, who admitted she has considered consulting a lawyer about a possible lawsuit. “We didn’t want to get an attorney involved, but that might be what it takes to get the truth.”

Block also wants to know why more wasn’t done on behalf of her daughter.

“I feel like they (the Army) could have done more to protect her,” she said.

The official Army report could not be accessed prior to press time.

According to a story published Thursday in The Beaumont Enterprise, Norris was disciplined and received counseling after he assaulted Kamisha at Fort Hood.

After another assault was reported, officials moved Norris. However, Block said the relocation allowed Norris to be at Kamisha’s barracks within five minutes.

“It was still kind of in the same vicinity,” Block said.

After the final assault, Kamisha left on a week-long assignment. When she returned, Norris was waiting for her, according to the Beaumont Enterprise report.

Shortly after Kamisha got to her room, Norris entered, telling her roommate to leave.

The roommate didn’t get far before she heard gunshots.

Block said her daughter was shot five times.

Block said what has followed has been “a nightmare” for her family.

“We can’t get on with our lives because we feel like ... nothing was done about it. No one has been held responsible for not doing more,” she said.

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