For all the scream seekers out there, The Times has set out to tour some of the local haunted houses, rides, and events to provide feedback to those looking for spellbinding, frightfully delightful destinations this Halloween season.

The Lester Haunted Hospital

Located in Lester, Ala., on the Limestone County line, the abandoned Lester Hospital’s venue is everything a fear-fest seeker would want.

The Background (obtained from Scare 4 Charity workers): D.E. Jackson Memorial Hospital opened in the early 1940s as a clinic for Lester and surrounding communities. Lester Hospital closed in the early ‘90s, but employees have long talked of strange occurrences within the walls of the old hospital. Employees as well as patients have experienced things being moved and figures being seen in the hallways.

The Reality: Hospital nurses guide groups of participants through multiple rooms with scenes of Halloween gore and carnage. You may or may not see a clown or two, celebrate mass-murderers Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees and get a quick look into a scene from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movie. The winding hospital rooms and rapid visit outside keeps attendees on their toes, (without giving too much away.)

Fun versus funds: A 15-20 minute tour costs a participant $10, giving the venue a thumbs up for being financially friendly.

The Rating: With a solid location and low ticket price, the Hallo-scream event gets four goosebumps out of five for a defrightful scare central.

The Basics: The Haunted Lester Hospital is located at 30338 Lester Road  Lester, AL 35647. Opened on Friday and Saturday nights in October from 7 p.m.-midnight, and Oct. 28-31 from 7 p.m.- midnight.

Scare 4 Charity puts on the Haunted Hospital attraction each year, and the funds raised are distributed between multiple local charity organizations.

For more information, visit or on facebook.


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