Though funding is tighter than ever heading into 2012, the Cullman County Board of Education has approved a “black” budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year.

Thanks to program shifts, attrition and job cuts, the board hopes to end the year approximately $378,000 in the black.

“We’re expecting just over $370,000 in revenue over expenditures, and that’s a good thing, considering,” finance director Randy Dunlap said.

The board had to reconcile the loss of $3.1 million of federal stimulus money, as well as the funding loss of 31 teacher units due to an increased divisor at the state level and dipping enrollment.

“By the time we looked at retirements, and did some incentives to bring early retirees back part-time, we ended up with about 5-6 we had to cut,” Dunlap said. “It’s not a bad situation, but it could have been a lot worse.”

Some federal funds have also been converted to help pay a few dozen salaries.

“We used as much of the Title I and Title II funds to fund teachers, because everyone was in agreement we needed to save as many teachers as we could,” Dunlap said.

Two central office posts, five transportation positions and several systemwide jobs were also reduced via retirements and layoffs to cut costs.

Despite the cuts, Dunlap noted several programs have survived the latest round of cutbacks. The tuition-supported truancy classes, credit recovery and the alternative school (which was relocated to the career center campus) are all slated to continue into 2012.

“We are moving forward even though the money is moving backward,” Dunlap said.

Total revenue for 2012 is estimated at $64 million, with expenditures set to fall at $63.6 million. Approximately 89 percent of expenditures encompass salary and benefits. The remaining 11 percent includes materials, supplies and purchase services.

Major sources of revenue include $46.5 million from the state Foundation program to pay personnel, and $5.3 million from local sales tax. Major expenditures include $40 million for salaries, $15 million for benefits, and $2.6 million for utilities.

Dunlap noted just 1.5 percent of funds go to administrative costs — placing the system among the bottom in the state for administrative spending.

“We have one of the lowest in the state for a middle-to-large system,” he said. “A good gauge is 2 percent, and we’re below that, so that’s really something to be proud of.”

The board is expecting a total reserve of approximately $2.3 million to end the year, well-below the state-mandated one month operating reserve. State budget cuts and proration over the past two years have severely depleted the system’s reserve fund.

The board also:

  • Viewed special presentations from:

— Hope Bowen, fifth grade, Fairview Elementary.

— Chinese New Year, Chasity McRae.

  • Approved resignations:

— Matt Wood, vocational school bus driver, Holly Pond.

— Keri Briscoe, Scholars Bowl coach, Harmony.

— Daniel Johnson, Computer Technician, Central Office and Cold Springs.

— Janet White, School Nurse, Vinemont (Retirement).

— Leslie Dawson, CNP Manager, Welti.

— Penny Johnson, LPN/Aide, Child Development Center.

— Christina Stewart, Custodian, Vinemont Elementary.

— Michael Jones, ninth grade basketball coach, Good Hope High.

— Daryl Burnham, middle school football assistant coach, Hanceville Middle.

— Debbie Reed, Transportation Secretary/Bookkeeper, Central Office (Retirement).

  • Leaves of absence:

— Kelli Fox Anderson, teacher, Hanceville Elementary. (One year leave to serve as Regional School Improvement Coach with the State Department of Education.  Sixth year of leave).

  • Approved voluntary transfers:

— Patricia Whatley, from sixth grade teacher, Garden City; to resource teacher, Garden City.

— Wayne Mosley, from part-time custodian, central office; to part-time custodian, West Point Intermediate.

— Stephanie Coffey, from preschool teacher, Jones Chapel; to special education teacher/Speech Therapist, CDC.

— Elaine Wren, from second grade teacher, Harmony; to reading coach, Harmony.

— Teresa Kusz, from second grade teacher, Holly Pond Elementary; to reading coach, Holly Pond Elementary.

— Amanda Allen, from PE aide, Good Hope Primary; to PE aide, Parkside.

— Russell Wilhite, from special education aide (leave of absence), Harmony; to special education aide, Harmony.

— Christy Steele, from special education aide, Vinemont High; to preschool aide, Child Development Center.

— Derinda Duke, from part-time graduation coach, central office; to system-wide school improvement specialist.

— Karen Stapler, from secretary, central office; to application support specialist, central office.

— Leah Sapp, from secretary, central office – Human Resources; to secretary, central office - Curriculum.

— Janet Lynn Gaston, from CNP Worker, Hanceville; to CNP Manager (7 hrs/day), Welti.

— Sandra Laney, from special education aide, Child Development Center; to receptionist/secretary (12 months), Child Development.

  • Approved appointments:

— Bethany Dingler, fifth grade teacher, Harmony.

— Leana Nunn, special education teacher, Cold Springs Elementary.

— Robert Kusz, second grade teacher, Holly Pond Elementary.

— Phillip Key, sixth grade math teacher, Hanceville Middle.

  • Approved certified temporary appointments:

— Cody Rasco, teacher 6-8, Fairview Middle.

— Meagan Malone, FACS teacher, Fairview High.

  • Approved certified part-time appointments:

— Treyla Kessler, math teacher (part-time), Vinemont High.

— Rebecca Cobb, teacher 9-12 (part-time), Hanceville High.

— Kevin Cogle, social science teacher (part-time), Vinemont Middle.

— Leslie Cole, Social Science/Science Teacher (part-time), Vinemont Middle.

— Christine O’leary, Scholars Bowl coordinator, systemwide.

— Kyle Seymore, night school administrator, CACC.

— Ronald Heaton, elementary teacher/PE, Good Hope Elementary.

— Mike Rodgers, Parent Involvement Liaison, systemwide.

— Barbara Guthrie, At-Risk instructor, systemwide.

— Anthony Swindall, Homebound Teacher, CDC.

  • Approved support personnell appointments:

— Trish Perry, vocational school bus driver, Holly Pond.

— Brenda G. McGriff, CNP worker, Hanceville.

— John A. Frye, custodian, Hanceville Middle.

— Debbie Quick, special education bus aide, Child Development Center.

  • Approved support, temporary appointments:

— Chris Sears, custodian/maintenance, Fairview High.

— Courtney Collins, Physical Education Aide, Good Hope Primary.

— Terri Baker, Special Education Aide, Harmony.

— Sue Livingston, Custodian (part-time), Good Hope Elementary.

  • Approved support, part-time appointments:

— Tim Entrekin, Vocational School Bus Driver, West Point.

— Melissa Roseberry, School Nurse, Welti.

  • Approved transporation trainers:

— Jim Alldredge.

— Rodney Hays.

— Mary Lawrence.

— Joe Perry.

— Trish Perry.

  • Approved substitutes (pending background check and completion of paperwork): Larry Holcomb, Allison Sharpton, April Daniel, Stephanie Wood, Tiffany Oldacre, Amanda Motes, Paul Chamblee, Amy Daniel, Mandalyn Preiss, Cody Harris, Kathy Thomason, Kyle Morris, Frances Gunter, Kellie Curtis, Logan Oslin, Barbara Sparks, Rebecca Cobb, Tracy L. Swann, Melanie Roberts-sub nurse, Donna S. Crocker – sub CNP, Janet E. Chambers – sub CNP, Shelley Ann Sanders - sub CNP.
  • Approved after school personnel at various campuses.
  • Approved at-risk employees.
  • Approved High Hopes tutors.
  • Approved contract/salary changes:

— Larry Hank Allen, upgrade to Doctoral.

— Carrie Morrow, upgrade to Masters.

— Brian Smith, Upgrade to Masters.

— Rebecca Cobb, add Varsity & JV Girls Basketball Coaching Supplement, Hanceville High School.

— Amanda Allen, add Varsity Softball Assistant Coaching Supplement, Fairview High School.

— Anthony Swindall, add MS Football Assistant Coaching Supplement (non-faculty), Fairview Middle School.

— Patrick Lemons, add Varsity Track Coaching Supplement, Holly Pond High.

— Mary Lauren Hartline, add MS Volleyball Coaching Supplement, Fairview Middle.

— Phillip Key, add MS Assistant Football Coaching Supplement, Hanceville Middle School.

— Kim Whaley, add High School Math Team Supplement, Hanceville High (Will split supplement with Joey House).

— Bruce Whitlock, add ninth grade boys basketball Coach Supplement (non-faculty), Good Hope High.

— Russell Wilhite, add Scholar’s Bowl Coach Supplement, Harmony.

  • Approved non-faculty coaches:

— Demetrius Hall – Hanceville High.

— Joel Michael Batemon – Hanceville High.

— Zach South – Vinemont High.

  • Out-of-state field trip requests:

— Parkside School, November 10, 2011, to Tennessee Aquarium; Chattanooga, Tennessee.

— Cold Springs High School, Saturday, November 26, 2011, to Christmas Shoe Box processing center, Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Approved July 2011 bills and salaries.
  • Approved July 2011 financial statements.
  • Approved a request from Hanceville High School to pay Deborah Twilley at her regular hourly rate for extra work done during the summer to prepare for the 2011-2012 opening of school.
  • Approval for the following teachers to teach an on-line ACCESS class and receive compensation. Paid through the ACCESS Distance Learning Support Center at Madison City Schools: Selena Skipper, Lacey McGriff, Sharon Ray.
  • Approved a request from Good Hope High and Middle schools to pay a supplement to Alan Dunkling as the 2011-2012 athletic director, to be paid from local school funds. Good Hope High - $100 a month; Good Hope Middle - $50 a month.
  • Approved a request from Cold Springs High School to pay Claborn Campbell $500 for the dutues of the 2011-2012 athletic director from local school funds.
  • Approved a request from Good Hope High School for permission to pay Marie Peek, school janitor, $100-per-home-game (4) to manage parking and parking donations, paid by Quarterback Club funds.
  • Approved a request from West Point High School to offer driver education as a night course on Saturdays. Student tuition will be $225 for district students, and $250 for out of district students.
  • Approved a request from Hanceville High School to declare 14 wall air conditioners as surplus and dispose via sealed bid.
  • Approved a request from the CDC to dispose of obsolete and unusable equipment.
  • Approved a request from Hanceville High School to dispose of old computers. 32 computers (with keyboards & mice), 40 monitors, and one printer.
  •  Approved a request from the curriculum department to dispose of the following items from the book room that no longer work or are obsolete: HP Fax Machine, CTX Color Monitor, Gold System Hard Drive, Super Console Travel Cooler, Video Pro High Speed VHS Cleaner/Conditioner/Rewinder.
  • Approved food service agreement for the West Point Middle cafeteria to serve lunches to West Point Prep School per agreement. Lunch: $2.50.
  • Approved the 2011-2012 Alabama Student Assistance Plan. ASAP includes: At Risk budget, High Hopes budget, Children First budget.
  • Authorization for superintendent to submit applications for various programs for the 2011-2012 school year.
  • Approved of new board policy service animal policy.
  • Dismissed into executive session to:

— Approve the expulsion of student “A” permanently from Cullman County schools in accordance with the discipline policy. Name witheld due to confidentiality.

— Approve the expulsion of student “B” permanently from Cullman County schools in accordance with the discipline policy. Name witheld due to confidentiality.

  • Announced the next board meeting for Oct. 20, 6:30 p.m. at the central office.

* Trent Moore can be reached by e-mail at, or by telephone at 734-2131, ext. 220.

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