Residents in the town of Baileyton who do business at the town’s post office can expect a change in window hours in the near future.

During a town meeting, it was announced operating hours during the week would be realigned, and become 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday window service hours won’t be affected, as those hours will remain from 7:30 to 10:30 a.m.

“It’s very little change, other than we are open a little later, and close at relatively the same time,” said Willie Trawick, a representative from the United States Postal Service. “We try to be transparent where it wouldn’t impact the residency of Baileyton too much with realigning those hours. Hopefully those times meet approval.”

Residents of the town were asked to fill out a survey, as to which of four options they preferred. On the list was keeping the Post Office open with realigned weekday window services, roadside mailbox delivery, outsource the operations to a village post office, such as a local retailer, library, or town hall, or be provided P.O. Box services via another nearby Post Office.

Trawick said 1,003 surveys were mailed out in the Baileyton community. Of those, 220 chose option one, with the realigning hours. Six residents preferred delivery options, and one preferred the village Post Office concept.

Trawick added Baileyton was one of 77 small towns in Alabama that would be realigning hours. He said the reason was because of some of the rumors flying around about the fate of the Post Office.

“You hear about the money the organization is losing,” Trawick said. “And this is one way the Post Master General is trying to curve that cost until we can get some kind of sound legislation on what it should be like, and what it’s charter and business model should be. He’s trying to slow down the loss of this organization.”

Now that the realignment of hours is a done deal, Trawick said it’s a plan that will be re-evaluated in two years.

“We always talk about the traffic and customers coming in and purchasing our products and services,” he said. “So that’s what keeps the Baileyton Post Office vital — when you come in and buy the products and services we have to offer. That keeps the doors and the windows open. So, if you want to keep Baileyton there from now on, just continue to do what you’re doing by buying those products and services.”

A postal meeting concerning the hours of the Holly Pond Post Office is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday in the meeting room of the Guy Hunt Museum and Library.

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