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Holly Pond's Griffin Morris.

The Cullman Times

Holly Pond's varsity boys couldn't be stopped this past week.

Not by Cold Springs ... 83-53.

Not by West Point ... 76-74.

Not by Susan Moore ... 84-53.

The common denominator in all three of those victories?

Griffin Morris.

The senior scored 19 points against the Eagles, 25 against the Warriors and 28 against the Bulldogs — each a game-high total — to extend Holly Pond's winning streak to five games and its overall record to 7-2 this season.

Need I say anything else? 

With those strong outings, Morris is the easy pick for The Times' Athlete of the Week.

Kyler Chaney (19 points against Cold Springs, 16 against West Point and 12 against Holly Pond), McKinley Garrett (10 points against Cold Springs, eight against West Point and 14 against Susan Moore) and Jake Harris (15 points against Cold Springs and 11 against West Point) also accomplished wonders for the Broncos during the strong three-game stretch.

Athlete of the Week, which is sponsored by Mitch Smith Chevrolet, is currently open to all basketball athletes. 

Nominations are encouraged and can be emailed to with the person's name, school and stats.

See other notable performances from Thursday, Nov. 30 through Wednesday, Dec. 6 below:

% Elizabeth Hill, Cold Springs: Scored 12 points against Good Hope and 26 against Holly Pond.

% Camryn Crider, Cold Springs: Scored 22 points against Good Hope and 18 against Holly Pond.

% Hunter McClendon, Cold Springs: Scored 15 points against Good Hope, 18 against Holly Pond and 18 against West Point.

% Adam Hill, Cold Springs: Scored eight points against Good Hope and 14 against West Point.

% Anna Katherine Eastman, Cullman: Scored 12 points against Brewer and 11 against Randolph.

% Anna Evans, Cullman: Scored 14 points against Brewer.

% Kennedy Wren, Cullman: Scored nine points against Brewer and 12 against Randolph.

% Dylan Finch, Cullman: Scored 21 points and had 12 rebounds against Randolph.

% Nick Williams, Cullman: Scored 16 points against Brewer.

% Trey Tucker, Cullman: Scored nine points against Brewer and 12 against Randolph.

% Abbi Taylor, Fairview: Scored 10 points against Hayden and had 20 points and 11 rebounds against Good Hope.

% Taylor Ann Yeager, Fairview: Scored 22 points against Good Hope.

% Luke Yarbrough, Fairview: Scored 12 points against Hayden and 14 against Good Hope.

% Bryson Fletcher, Fairview: Scored 20 points against Hayden.

% Kate Kent, Good Hope: Scored 23 points against Cordova.

% Erika Woodall, Good Hope: Scored 12 points against Cold Springs and 18 against Cordova.

% Leyton Seal, Good Hope: Scored 15 points against Cold Springs.

% Cole Maddox, Good Hope: Scored 12 points against Cold Springs, 12 against Cordova and 22 against Fairview.

% Kallen Sharpton, Good Hope: Scored 11 points against Cold Springs, 15 against Cordova and 10 against Fairview.

% Isaac McDonald, Good Hope: Scored 14 points and Cold Springs and 15 against Cordova.

% Drew Maddox, Good Hope: Scored 16 points against Fairview.

% Kelly Pickett, Hanceville: Scored 24 points against Oakman and 22 against Vinemont.

% Karmen Johnson, Hanceville: Scored 19 points against Oakman and 10 against Vinemont.

% Malia Howell, Hanceville: Scored 14 points against Oakman and 14 against Vinemont.

% Kierra Merriweather, Hanceville: Scored 21 points against Vinemont.

% RJ Evans, Hanceville: Scored 25 points against Oakman and 18 against Vinemont.

% Brendan Flanigan, Hanceville: Scored 11 points against Oakman and 12 against Vinemont.

% McKenna Folds, Holly Pond: Scored 15 points against Cold Springs, nine against West Point and 20 against Susan Moore.

% Christian Peterson, St. Bernard: Scored 23 points against Winston County and 10 against Addison.

% Elijah Price, St. Bernard: Scored 12 points against Winston County and 19 against Addison.

% Miriam Oldacre, West Point: Scored 18 points against Curry, 11 against Holly Pond and 16 against Cold Springs.

% Lexi Shadix, West Point: Scored 10 points against Curry and 11 against Holly Pond.

% Olivia Ball, West Point: Scored nine points against Curry and 15 against Cold Springs.

% Kolton Sapp, West Point: Scored 20 points against Curry, 13 against Holly Pond and 11 against Cold Springs.

% Rylan Jones, West Point: Scored 14 points against Curry and 14 against Holly Pond.

% Coby Sullins, West Point: Scored 15 points against Holly Pond and 17 against Cold Springs.

% Austin Dubberly, West Point: Scored 13 points against Holly Pond and 11 against Cold Springs.

% Jake Winfrey can be reached at 256-734-2131, ext. 136 or at​

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