HOOVER — Don’t let the Heisman Trophy fool you. There’s more to Tim Tebow than just football.

Considered to be one of the most prolific offensive players in the country, Tebow appears to have it all from an athletic standpoint.

As a freshman, Tebow helped Florida win the BCS national title. The following year, the Gators quarterback became the first sophomore to win the Heisman.

Heading into his junior season, Tebow has already become somewhat of a national celebrity. So naturally, his life must revolve around football?

Well, not exactly.

According to Tebow, football isn’t even at the top of his priority list.

“Football isn’t the most important thing in my life,” Tebow said. “Don’t get me wrong, I love playing the game. But it’s not the number one priority in my life.”

So if football isn’t at the top of Tebow’s priority list, then what is?

“Helping people that are less fortunate than me,” Tebow said. “That’s the most important thing. I want to be able to use my status as a football player to inspire others.”

Since arriving at Florida, Tebow has amazed fans with his play at quarterback. But the work he has done off the field trumps any of his accomplishments on the football field.

Just this year, Tebow has traveled to Croatia, Thailand and the Phillipenes to do mission work. But his community service doesn’t stop there.

While at home in Florida, Tebow is a regular at the local hospitals — spending time with terminally ill children.

“Some people let their lives revolve around football,” Tebow said. “But there is much more to life than just football. If I can help a sick little girl feel better just by visiting her in the hospital, then I’m going to make time to do that.”

Tebow claims that his mission in life is to inspire others. The Florida quarterback has been able to do just that.

This summer, Florida coach Urban Meyer followed in Tebow’s footsteps — taking his family to the Domincan Republic for a five-day mission trip.

“Tim’s inspirational,” Meyer said. “I was just following in his footsteps.

“One reason I wanted to take my family on the trip was because I don’t want my children to be spoiled. I think the trip was worthwhile. It’s definitely something I want to do again.”

Meyer isn’t the only person in the Florida locker room that’s been inspired by Tebow. The Florida quarterback said a few of his teammates have joined him during his weekly trips to the hospital.

In a time where off-the-field issues aren’t that uncommon for big-time college football programs, Tebow has been able to keep his nose clean. But more importantly, the Florida quarterback wants to inspire others to do the same — becoming a positive role model for everyone that looks up to him.

“There are a lot of role models out there today,” Tebow said. “Unfortunately, there aren’t many good role models. That’s why I try to make the right decisions. I want to be the type of person mothers want their kids to be like.”

On the surface, it appears that Tebow doesn’t struggle with temptation. But as the Florida junior pointed out, nothing comes easy.

“There are people out there that are willing to do some crazy things,” Tebow said. “You just have to stay away from that.”

Tebow may be able to avoid trouble, but avoiding attention has almost become impossible.

Almost everywhere the star quarterback goes, a fan recognizes him — especially when he’s in Gainesville, Fla.

“I was at the airport in Germany this summer and this guy said ‘Hey, there’s Tim Tebow,’” he said. “I’ve been getting that a lot. I pretty much try to avoid places like the mall and Wal-Mart, but it’s been pretty crazy. But I really don’t mind it. Fans will be fans.”

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