- Cullman, Alabama

July 18, 2012

Rick Miller visits Sacred Heart Church

Barbara Ragsdale
Barbara Ragsdale/Sacred Heart Church

CULLMAN — John Rick Miller brought his “Mission for the Love of God Worldwide” to members of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church recently. His universal message is a call to unite as one voice and to return to the basic tenants of Christian love, for God and for our neighbors.

He noted that the people of today's world have become “children of the flesh” as opposed to fulfilling their roles as children of God. Miller exhorted attendees to return to the Catholic faith and become examples and witnesses through daily lives to the existence of God, His love for us and to declare through prayer and deeds that we are His children.

A picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron of Mexico, stood beside him during his talk.  He remarked that She is a new light to the world and is protectress of both Mexico and the United States. He urged seeking Her help through prayer, noting that She was sent to us as a gift from God to help us return to the values of family, modesty and charity in a world that has turned selfish, arrogant, self-centered and cold.

In his 24th year of public ministry within the Catholic Church, Miller noted that the world must return to the Ten Commandments and the Sacraments of the Church as the correct way of living to find peace within ourselves and our families.

His mission currently is in 337 cities in the world and 1.5 million people say the prayers of the Mission daily. The goal of these prayers seeks to assist the various levels of society that most affect our daily lives and our families: Government, judiciary, lawmakers, the business world and others. This is desperately needed in today's world. Caesar Santiago translated Miller's comments into Spanish during the session.

Miller spoke at various other parishes in the diocese during his Alabama visit.