- Cullman, Alabama

November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving service held at St. Bernard

St. Bernard Prep School

CULLMAN — Students at St. Bernard Prep School celebrated Mass recently during the school’s Annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service. Traditionally each year St. Bernard students and staff are given the opportunity to invite clergy representing their various congregations and religious traditions.

Twenty ministers from the area took part in the service composed of prayers, psalms, scripture readings and hymns, and students offer thanks and petitions to God as they lay symbols of their lives before the altar.

The Rev. Andrew Siegenthaler of Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church presented the sermon. Rev. Siegenthaler encouraged all in attendance of the importance of building a relationship with God. He reminded the audience of the biblical story from Luke 17:11-19, where Jesus was headed to Jerusalem travelling through Samaria and Galilee when he heard cries from lepers begging him for help. When he healed them by asking them to go show themselves to the priest, only one returned to say thanks — the Samaritan.

“God’s grace is abundant. He gave each of us a big heart. It’s easy when things are going wrong to pray to God, but sometimes we fall short when things are going right. I encourage each of you to build a relationship with God. Show your gratitude daily,” Seigenthaler said.

St. Bernard Prep. headmaster, Father Joel Martin said, “This is an opportunity for all of us in the school community to give thanks to God for the many gifts we have received, and to do so along with those pastors, ministers and priests who are so important in the lives of our students. These men and women are very busy, so we are all impressed with and grateful for their taking time to join us.”

Music was provided by Dr. Rebecca Whited and Lester Harris.

A Thanksgiving dinner was served following the service for all guests, students, faculty and staff. The guest clergymen were served by the students.