- Cullman, Alabama

April 4, 2012

Da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’ Comes to Life at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church

Barbara Ragsdale
Sacred Heart Church

CULLMAN — A special Lenten presentation depicting Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting of “The Last Supper” was held at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church  Friday, March 30. Attendees were invited through the actors to be part of that last supper meal which Jesus shared with his 12 Apostles in the Upper Room the night before His crucifixion in Jerusalem.

During the “meal,” His last supper of the Passover, Jesus blessed, then served His followers the consecrated bread and wine. He commanded them to continue with this tradition even after He was gone, thus instituting the order of the Catholic Mass and the beginning of Catholic priesthood.

Acting the part of the Apostles, who show disbelief, anger and denial in the dramatic painting by da Vinci, each disciple stepped “out” from the table scene to share their troubled thoughts after hearing Jesus, whom they had been following for the past three years, say that one of the 12 at their table would betray him that very night. Each man gave his personal and heartfelt testimony regarding the time he had spent with Jesus, the Messiah.

Members of the Knights of Columbus Council 10354 from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Gardendale and St. Henry’s Church in Warrior have shared this special “Last Supper” presentation for the past several years with area congregations.

Their unique portrayal draws attendees into that Upper Room in Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago and brings to life the emotions and reality of da Vinci’s famous and dramatic painting of Jesus’ last gathering with His beloved disciples.

Members of the Knights who produced this program include Evan Kreider, Mike Wallace, Dan Gardner, Allen Belrose, Jack Boggan, Malcolm Fifer, Jared Clark, Paul Townes III, Ken Carpenter, Tim Vaughn, Ken Friedrich, Shawn Holly, Dennis Dearing, Earl Kreider, Roy Brewer and Brandon Vinning.