- Cullman, Alabama

February 6, 2011

Playback: Lindberg finds his voice on stripped-down solo album

Album review

By Trent Moore
The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — In his first solo album since parting ways with indie rock outfit Doubting Paris, singer-songwriter Tim Lindberg continues on the path he started walking several years ago, when the band was still in tow — accessible, introspective songs that would be at home anywhere from a college rock station, to an adult alternative channel.

Lindberg always seemed an interesting fit as lead singer of Doubting Paris, a Canadian band with songs featured on everything from MTV’s The Real World, to the defunct CBS series Joan of Arcadia. The group always seemed poised for success, but the potential remained just around the corner until the band finally disbanded a few years ago.

Now free to meander and craft something a bit more personal, Lindberg has stripped his sound down even further for a collection of songs that would be the perfect soundtrack to a rainy afternoon. Dubbed Love Songs for the Weary Traveler, the 10-song solo disc is arguably some of the best songwriting of his career. Flanked by little more than a guitar, piano, and a dash of overdub, Lindberg’s distinctly weathered vocals take center stage on this simple, poetic collection of songs.

The poignant “You Need A Lion” is a highlight, reminiscent of a less-annoying David Gray with an interesting take on faith, and the catchy “You Still Have My Heart” could easily be a slow boil chart topper if given the right push.

With such a mellow approach, some of the songs can admittedly start to run into one another — but there is more than enough here to keep you engaged from a lyrical standpoint. The songs, much like his work with Doubting Paris, have a vintage feel to them. They sound almost timeless, like they could have been recorded yesterday or 30 years ago — but they’d still be just as good.

The disc is a bit hard to track down (it’s an independent release from British Columbia, after all), but iTunes does have the album available for download in the U.S.

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