By most accounts, another successful chapter of Rock the South closed early Sunday morning with a record crowd of 60,000 making its way to Cullman’s Heritage Park.

Concert goers from 40 states and six countries poured into the city to enjoy a weekend showcasing some of country music’s top artists, despite Saturday’s heavy rain, lightning and lots of mud that followed. Not only was it a lineup of top performers, Rock the South continues to serve as a gateway for thousands to discover our community.

The fact that people come from so many locations to enjoy music is impressive. Rock the South has reached a new level of prominence in the summer concert tours that has a huge following. The exposure Cullman enjoys from the weekend music festival is nearly immeasurable.

Visitors stop at various businesses on their way to and from Heritage Park and get a chance to see a portion of Cullman they would likely never experience.

Also, Rock the South again came through with its annual charitable donations. This year event organizers donated $100,000 to organizations working to care for area residents.

We understand that Rock the South brings a caravan of traffic, which may frustrate drivers, especially locals who are not attending the two-day event. However, we believe it’s an inconvenience that can be tolerated for one weekend a year. A tip of the hat goes to the outstanding work done by law enforcement in traffic control and overall policing the area, as well as medical first responders who provided assistance throughout the weekend.

Although there are some naysayers, especially on social media, about the annual event, we believe the continued growth of Rock the South and its association with the city parks and recreation department, tourist-related businesses and the community in general is a plus for Cullman. It’s good news that Shane Quick and his Premier Productions have made a commitment to continually improve and grow the show moving forward.

The national and international exposure Cullman gains from the area’s largest event is a plus, and it reflects well that our community embraces visitors, growth and new ideas.

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