I can see every monster as they come in. — Truman Capote

The morbid story of Jerry Sandusky’s alleged sexual assaults and abuse of children unfolded in horrifying details as his chief accuser, Mike McQueary, gave testimony in a preliminary hearing Friday.

The details of what McQueary claims he saw in a shower at Penn State University are enraging and sickening when you picture the large, hulking Sandusky taking advantage of a boy of 10 or 11 years old.

If what McQueary says is true, as well as the some 52 additional allegations against Sandusky, the assistant coach should certainly spend his remaining years locked away from mainstream society.

But, true or not, the entire scandal points to the need for greater supervision and responsibility where the great playgrounds of college and high school sports is concerned. Rest assured that most coaches are responsible enough to keep children out of the locker rooms and showers. If not, the courts would be overrun with lawsuits on this matter.

Nevertheless, an alarming rise in accusations against teachers for indulging in sexual affairs with students, should have been enough to inspire some strict codes and oversight where adult teachers and coaches are concerned.

Thinking that the world has only in recent years decided to embark on a sexual rampage, may or may not have merit. People are certainly more willing to confront abusers from the past than a generation ago. Perhaps this is justice finding its way to the surface through some very murky waters.

Understanding the mind of a sexually abusive person is not an easy task. Someone of the stature of a Sandusky is often the last person the public would suspect of living in a shadowy world of sexual abuse, particularly with children. After all, he was a coach, and a highly respected coach.

Perhaps through this awful story, no matter how it ends, there will be a greater realization that boundaries need to be drawn and guarded where children are concerned.

Society loves a hero and uplifts these characters to larger-than-life standing, often forgetting that the darker aspects of human nature cannot be overlooked. Even in the faces of cherished heroes. Everything, and everyone, needs checks and balances when the lives of children may be affected.

Many longtime supporters of Penn State would like for the Sandusky scandal to go away for the sake of the institution and its legendary football program. But the truth is that we all need to know the truth. When this dark pit is fully broken up, important changes that protect children from monsters will be implemented.

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