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January 1, 2013

In One Hasty Act, 'Fiscal Cliff' Pact Encapsulates Everything Tea Party Hates



"It's the only responsible way to proceed: to make sure we see and understand what's in the bill and what we're voting on," said Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa. "I think most of the American people would expect that. It's how business should be done here in Washington, instead of being forced into a vote and finding out what's in it later on."

But, just a few hours later, Barletta said he was ready to vote. In the interim, he'd heard that Senate leaders were saying they wouldn't vote on an amended House bill. The Senate had left the House with little choice: Accept this path to avert the cliff, or there would be no other.

"I'm not willing at this point to risk tax hikes to all Americans not knowing what the Senate will do," he said. "We will have that fight over spending. No question."

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