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January 12, 2013

COMMENTARY: Time for Armstrong to Come Clean


Those cancer survivors who were inspired by Lance particularly deserve to know the whole truth — and perhaps that is what he intends to finally deliver when he speaks to Oprah Winfrey next week. The history is clear: The American people forgive if you come clean. But if Lance continues to lash out, and then hide and obfuscate, he will do a disservice to millions who looked up to him. This kind of betrayal will not be soon forgotten by cancer survivors who enthusiastically put their faith in him and his story. I'm not sure he wants to perpetuate the legacy of liar.

It's time to come clean, Lance — if not for your former sponsors and cycling fans, then for Mary Kreis, Darren Mullen, Dick Shaffer and millions more who embraced you as a symbol of hope and true conquest.

The writer is founder and president of the public relations firm Spectrum.

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