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April 5, 2008

Commentary: Addison lost a devoted parent, mentor, friend in Glida Greene

What was supposed to be a fun day of softball at Addison High turned out to be a tragic day in one of the most tight-knit communities in north Alabama.

When I arrived at work Saturday morning, one of my co-workers told me about a house fire in Addison. That’s when I found out about Glida Greene’s tragic death.

Anyone who has ever attended a sporting event at Addison more than likely has met Greene. Not only did she serve as a volunteer assistant for the volleyball and softball teams, but she was also a regular at any athletic event held at the school.

The first time I met Greene was during last year’s softball season. Her daughter, Kayla Carden, was the team’s pitcher, and it was obvious that Greene was involved in her daughter’s life.

Since Greene served kept the official book for the softball team, I got to have several conversations with her during the spring. And even after softball season ended, Greene always made an effort to speak to me when I was out at Addison.

But that was just the type of person Greene was.

If you ask anyone in Addison, they will probably tell you that Greene’s family always came first in her life. I would have to agree with that.

As a mother, Greene felt like it was her responsibility to take care of everyone in her life. And she always extended that blanket beyond her immediate family.

Not only did Greene act as a role model, mentor, teacher, mother and friend to her children, but she also went above and beyond the call of duty by helping other young people.

According to reports, Greene died while trying to save the lives of her niece and her niece’s friend.

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