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September 18, 2009

ALABAMA FOOTBALL: Saban, Cody have unique relationship

TUSCALOOSA — There was a time when no one would sit next to Nick Saban on the bus.

It didn’t matter if the team was going to see a movie or heading to the stadium. The seat next the Alabama football coach would always be empty.

That’s changed this season. Someone was finally bold enough to take the seat next to Saban.

And it’s a very large someone, at that.

Terrence Cody has been sitting next to Saban on bus trips this season, but the 6-foot-5, 349-pound nose tackle has a motive other than companionship.

Cody wants to play more on third down, and he’s using bus trips as an opportunity to get in his coach’s ear.

“He sits with me on the bus everywhere we go,” Saban said. “I usually have that seat all to my self, and (Cody) often points out that he wouldn’t have fit in that seat last year.

“(Cody) is doing a lot of begging, saying he’s in better shape. He’s been really nice to me, but he wants to play more on third down. That’s the real reason he sits next to me.”

It’s true. Cody wants to play more on third down.

And the Crimson Tide nose tackle is constantly bringing that up to Saban. Even on bus trips.

“If we’re going to see a movie or something, I sit next to him on the bus and mess with him a lot,” Cody said. “I bug him all the time, always telling him that I want to play more on third down.”

Cody is serious about staying on the field in passing situations. That’s why the All-American pointed out that he wouldn’t have fit in the seat next to Saban a year ago.

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