- Cullman, Alabama

April 15, 2013

GOLF: Good Hope grad Adam Scott blown away by Twitter fame

By Rob Ketcham
The Cullman Times

— When you win the Masters these days, you can fully expect everyone and their mothers to jump on some form of social media to express their congratulations.

So, it should come as no surprise that Adam Scott's Twitter timeline has been busier than ever since Sunday evening's thrilling conclusion to the most coveted major in all of golf.

Wait, wait, wait. You're probably thinking about that Adam Scott, the one who edged Angel Cabrera on a second playoff hole to become the first Australian to slip on a green jacket.

Close … but not quite.

The reference is actually to a different Adam Scott, the golfer who graduated from Good Hope in 2003 and has since become a PGA professional at Mississippi State, where he works as the assistant director of the university's PGA Golf Management program.

Confused yet? If so, you definitely aren't alone.

Since the Australian Scott sank a 12-footer to clinch his first major title Sunday night, hundreds of spectators and golf fans have sent messages to the Twitter handle @AScottPGA voicing their gratitude and admiration for his gutsy performance.

And therein lies the snafu. Those messages aren't being directed to the man whose roar of "C'mon Aussie" on the 18th green will forever go down in Masters lore. Rather, they're being read by the other Scott, who actually watched the tournament on an iPad from the back of the room during a PGA seminar on campus as the final-round drama was unfolding.

“The moment that putt went in on No. 18, that's when the floodgates were opened,” the former Raider told The Times in a phone interview Monday afternoon. “As soon as I got home and the tourney was over, it started and didn't stop. I was just getting pounded all day. It's the strangest thing.”

Strange, yes. But completely new to the Scott that resides in Starkville, Miss? Not one bit.

The Bulldog graduate — he received his bachelor's degree in 2007 and completed his master's in 2010 — said he generally receives around two or three Twitter messages on any given day from “fans” who believe he's the PGA Tour player from Down Under. None could've have ever prepared him for the deluge of correspondence that took over his timeline on Sunday, though.

Most of the folks who thought they were reaching out to the Scott on their TV screens were well-wishers with happy messages, like @billyadams, who said, “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE..OY OY OY!! Way to go @AScottPGA (hashtag)masters2013.”

But, as can be expected on most social media sites, not everyone was willing to play nice. Scott said there were a few people who had “some pretty mean things” to say after he tried to curb the confusion with a tweet reading, “ATTENTION: I'm not attempting to mislead anyone. I'm a Class A PGA Professional from the U.S. Just happen to have the same name. Congrats AS.”

“Some people claimed I was an imposter, that I wasn't the guy on my profile,” the Good Hope native said with a laugh. “I am a PGA professional, and I am Adam Scott. I can't help that I got the Twitter handle first.”

Many followers were obviously discouraged once they realized they weren't reading the tweets of the PGA's most popular Australian. One of the funnier responses came from @TNSportsRadio, who said, “Oh that sucks.. This isn't THE Adam Scott.”

All those duped could've spared themselves the disappointment simply by taking a quick peek at the lesser-known Scott's Twitter bio. Clearly tacked on following his job title and employer is the disclaimer, “*PGA Pro Adam Scott, not Tour Player Adam Scott*.”

“I couldn’t imagine being an actual celebrity and getting tweeted at all day, everyday,” read one of Scott's Sunday tweets. “It's quite exhausting.”

Unfortunately for Scott, this wasn't the first time — and probably won't be the last — his familiar name served as the source of a letdown for eager golf fans. When the 28-year-old reveals his identity to his playing partners at far-smaller tournaments than the Masters, he said he's often greeted with responses like, “Awww, really? You're Adam Scott?”

“I can't tell you the amount of disappointment on peoples' faces when they meet me,” he added with a chuckle.

One frequent exchange that tends to drive Scott crazy is when passersby feel the need to inform him he shares the same name as his Australian counterpart — as if he wasn't already aware. In most cases, however, he enjoys the back-and-forth with those who get a kick out of the same-name surprise, especially the golfers at the university.

“I always hear, 'I'm going to tell people I played with Adam Scott,'” the Bulldog said. “I know my kids have fun with it. They're the ones who got me into Twitter, and I use it a lot now. They had a blast with it yesterday.”

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