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November 24, 2012

TALKIN TIGERS: Chizik’s final press conference?



Chizik stressed his point with a statement many fans would agree with: “It’s not acceptable.”

After just a few questions from the press, Chizik headed out the side door, quite possibly for the final time.

Now it’s up to the Auburn administration to decide exactly what “unacceptable” means in practical terms.

Chizik’s overall record at Auburn is 33-19, buoyed largely by the undefeated season in 2010 when the offense was led by Heisman-winning quarterback Cam Newton.

Outside of that year, Chizik averaged a good-but-not-great 8-5 heading into the 3-9 disaster that was 2012.

In a season that saw perennial conference punching bag Vanderbilt go 8-4 and newcomer Texas A&M contend for the West (blowing out the Tigers along the way), the administration has to decide sooner rather than later if Chizik is the man who can keep Auburn relevant.

If not, the Tigers could very well become the SEC’s latest bottom-feeder.

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