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December 25, 2012

PREP FOOTBALL: Jones, Bailey head up all-county team


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Overall MVP

Ty Jones, Vinemont

Offensive MVP

Luke Bailey, Fairview

Defensive MVP

Sheldon Lewis, Hanceville

Coach of the Year

Alan Scott, Vinemont

First-Team Offense


Bryant Farley, West Point

Offensive Line

Casey Thornton, Hanceville

Jake Roberts, Fairview

Paul Quattlebaum, West Point

Chandler Nelson, West Point

Marcus Clark, Vinemont

Mason Lindsey, Vinemont

Riley Howse, Fairview


Dexton Gregory, Fairview

Jordan McKenzie, West Point

Carter Hays, Holly Pond

Ethan Widner, Fairview

Running Back

Tate Duckett, West Point

Caleb Ellison, Cold Springs

Jarod McClure, Good Hope


Tyler Smith, West Point

First-Team Defense

Defensive Line

Jared Hyde, Holly Pond

Josh Grigsby, Good Hope

Austin Richard, Cold Springs

Brandon Addison, Good Hope

Charles Tatro, Hanceville

Austin Barrett, Good Hope


Tory Green, Hanceville

Christian Chapel, West Point

Alex Cofer, Good Hope

Trey Guthery, Vinemont

CJ Waters, Fairview

Defensive Backs

Chris Whitehead, Holly Pond

Bryant Powers, Fairview

Logan Campbell, Cold Springs

Brontae Harris, Hanceville

Trent Shoemaker, Fairview


Caleb Hurst, Hanceville


Tyler Boland, Vinemont

Second-Team Offense


Duncan Hopper, Vinemont

Offensive Line

Colin Day, Cold Springs

Blake Melton, Vinemont

Riley Handcock, Good Hope

Daniel Moss, Good Hope

Josh Mentzer, Hanceville

Austin Sisco, Cold Springs

Austin Baker, Hanceville


Wesley Smith, West Point

Chris Raper, Good Hope

Jake Chandler, Fairview

Will Wrenn, West Point

Running Back

Marco Rodrigiuez, Fairview

Kobe Smith, West Point

Carlos Chacon, Hanceville


Zack Sloan, Good Hope

Second-Team Defense

Defensive Line

Trent Campbell, West Point

Rider Jones, West Point

Logan Wallace, Vinemont

Devin Taylor, Fairview

Tyler Tankersley, Hanceville


Jacob Cox, Holly Pond

Kendall Duke, Good Hope

Christian Seals, Fairview

Sam Wood, Vinemont

Justin Bryan, Fairview

Defensive Backs

TJ Steel, Vinemont

Tarrant White, Holly Pond

Dalton Harbison, Vinemont


Dylan Surrett, Holly Pond


Tristan Dubberly, West Point

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