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December 17, 2013

WALLACE STATE BASEBALL: Manager Justin Holmes handles multiple responsibilities, but special bond with brother comes first


HANCEVILLE — Justin Holmes never slows down

Justin played basketball and baseball in high school and takes a lot of pride in his role as Wallace State’s baseball manager. It’s one of many hats Justin carries in his life. He is a brother, student, baseball manager and also works multiple nights a week at Carmike Cinemas in Cullman.

Wallace State baseball coach Randy Putman strongly admires Justin for his steadfastness, strong work ethic and love for his brother.

“Justin is very special to me and very special to our program. He’s very dependable, loyal and trustworthy, and that’s what you want in a manager. You ask Justin to do something and he does it, but now in his second  year, he does stuff without me even asking,” Putman said. “Justin is one of the best managers I’ve ever had in 25 years. I’m very proud of him, not only for what he does for the team, but for how he takes care of his brother from sunup to sundown, while going to class in the morning, maintaining his responsibilities with us in the afternoon and working at night. It shows me Justin will be successful no matter what he chooses to do in life.”

Justin is pursuing a general studies degree at Wallace State and plans to transfer to a four-year institution and continue his career in education. He also hopes to coach either basketball or baseball at a junior high or high school one day.

“I love basketball and baseball. Sports are my passion,” Justin said.

Justin has worked at Carmike Cinemas mainly on the weekends during the fall semester, compiling as many hours as possible. Justin will have to alter his hours when the Wallace State baseball team starts its 2014  season in late January, but he’ll continue to work when his schedule allows.

“Things have been crazy for me since probably the middle of October. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming, but I’ve honestly got used to taking care of so many things. School work comes first, and I have  to study a lot, a whole lot, and more people show up at the movie theater during the holidays,” Justin said. “Once we start baseball games, I will change my hours and continue to work there. I want to continue to work in order to continue to buy groceries and put gas in the car.”     

Justin’s baseball duties will increase considerably when the baseball season begins in late January and that schedule will continue until May.

Unlike Justin, one thing Jacob doesn’t like is sports.

Even so, when sophomore day arrives near the end of the season, Justin says it will be neat if Jacob shows up just for a few minutes as Justin is recognized.

“Jacob can leave once they call out my name. I’ll give him a wave to let him know he can leave,” Justin joked. “The only game he came to in high school was my final game. I remember him bringing a Sprite to the dugout.”

Added Jacob: “I went so my brother wouldn’t be disappointed, and I’ll try to do it again.”

Until then, Justin will treasure the time he has with his brother at Wallace State.

“There are a lot of rough moments at times to be honest, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Jacob doesn’t like anything out of the ordinary, and I tend to get out of the ordinary sometimes, so we do fight like any brothers,” Justin said. “Little things separate Jacob from doing what everyone else can do, but no matter how different we are, we love each other like most brothers do.”

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