- Cullman, Alabama

December 9, 2012

Holly Pond to seek grant money for water system upgrade

By Ashley Graves
The Cullman Times

HOLLY POND — After problems forced one waste water pump station in Holly Pond out of commission for several hours last weekend, the town council revisited doing upgrade work on its waste water system during a recent meeting.

According to Holly Pond mayor Herman Nail, the town's sewer system is working fine, but with it being 20 years old, and having only one purifier, he and council members are worried there could be problems in the future.

Nail said he has looked at two or three different ways to address the issue, but none was feasible because of the cost. So the council decided to go another direction — do repair work on the town's two main pump stations.

"What we really need bad is to update our pump station No. 3, which is our main pump station," Nail said. "It's 25 years old, and we also have another one that is that old as well."

Nail said as part of the project, both stations would be reworked from the ground up, including the electrical end. He estimated the total cost of the project would be a little over $300,000. But, with grant money paying for half, the town's portion through the Alabama Department of Environmental Management's Revolving Loan Fund would total somewhere around $156,000. Based on a 2.75-percent interest rate for 20 years, Nail said the town would pay "about $900 a month" to get the project done.

"I've looked at everything we have, and we can handle this right here and get it done," Nail said. " I think this would help us out a whole lot to stabilize us, because if one of those pumps goes out right now, it's going to cost about $25-30,000."

With not many other options, the council approved to pursue the grant money to fund the project.

"It doesn't sound like we have any alternative but to pursue it," council member Bartee Bryan said. "That's just my opinion. I mean these things are 25 years old, and if they both go down, which could happen, we don't have the money laying around to fix it. I say we get this thing up to where we can stay in compliance."

The council gave no timeframe as to when work may begin.

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