- Cullman, Alabama

December 2, 2012

Shedd plans run for vacated House seat

By Ashley Graves and Benjamin Bullard
The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — Randall Shedd, former Fairview mayor and director of the Cullman County Commission on Aging, said Saturday he intends to seek the legislative seat left open following the appointment of its former occupant, Rep. Jeremy Oden (R-Eva), to fill a vacancy on the Alabama Public Service Commission.

Shedd said he wants to carry his experience in public service, as well as an attitude of cooperation, to the State House as the next elected representative of Ala. House District 11.

“The reason I want to go to the legislature is this: I have been involved in a lot of things over the years, and I have worked closely with our elected representatives. I know how important a legislative position is to the district, and I want to be a uniter — not a divider. The seat needs someone who will cooperate and work together to get things done for the district. I want to be a part of the solution,” Shedd explained.

Shedd said he will run as a Republican. Alabama governor Robert Bentley has not yet set a date for a special election to fill Oden’s seat in the legislature, although the process is expected to move quickly in order have a District 11 representative in place for the majority of the 2013 session, which convenes Feb. 5 of next year.

Serving as an Alabama legislator is part-time work, with the legislature convening twice weekly during its three-month annual session.

Shedd said his service as the District 11 representative won’t interfere with his present job at the Commission on Aging, and he has no plans to leave his full time position if he’s voted into the state legislature.

“I will be able to continue in my job at the Commission on Aging, and, if elected, I will take unpaid leave from that job to serve in the legislature, or vacation time, while we’re in session,” he said.

Gov. Bentley appointed Oden to fill an unexpired term on the state Public Service Commission Friday, replacing the seat left open by Twinkle Cavanaugh, who ousted incumbent Lucy Baxley in the race for the PSC chairman’s seat in the November general election. Two years remain in Cavanaugh’s unexpired term in the seat Oden now occupies.

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