- Cullman, Alabama

November 17, 2013

Candidates continue to raise funds for 2014 election

By Tiffeny Owens
The Cullman Times

— Alabama Senator Paul Bussman, R-Cullman, continues to be on a fundraising hot streak while Cullman County Sheriff Mike Rainey remains the only local candidate to receive cash contributions.

New campaign finance reports show that incumbent Bussman, who is currently unopposed for the 4th District, raised a combined $70,525 in September and October, bringing his total to $113,920 since July. A bulk of that $70,525 came from political action committees, with $55,500 raised in those two months ($31,000 in October and $29,500 in September) from 17 different PACs.  

With just $2,320.78 in expenses in those two months, Bussman reported a campaign fund balance of $130,199.46 at the end of October.

Meanwhile, Rainey’s campaign fund picked up another $6,200 in cash contributions in October, with Arab businessman Austin Hinds Jr. donating $4,000 individually and another $1,000 from his business Austin Hinds Motors. Rainey reported raising a total of $12,300 and $2,950 in total expenses since July, leaving his campaign fund balance at $19,305 at the end of October.

Former sheriff’s lieutenant and current Guntersville police officer Tim Creel has announced his intention to run against Rainey in the Republican primary but has not yet filed any campaign finance reports.

In the District 12 State House race, incumbent Representative Mac Buttram leads with a total of $12,980 in cash contributions from July through October, with $4,750 coming in October. With $1,673.99 in total expenses and coming into his campaign with $399, Buttram reported an $11,705 fund balance at the end of October.

Buttram’s challenger, Cullman County Road Superintendent Roy Jackson, has raised $4,900 from July through October, bringing in $3,950 in October. With $1,627.72 in total expenses, Jackson ended October with $3,272 remaining in his campaign fund.

Good Hope Mayor Corey Harbison has announced his candidacy for the District 12 seat but has not yet filed any campaign finance reports.

Incumbents District 9 Representative Ed Henry and District 11 Representative Randall Shedd are currently unopposed, but the legislators reported raising $3,750 and $1,670 respectively. Henry reported $3,265 in total expenses and $2,256 coming into his reelection campaign, ending October with $2,741. Shedd reported $1,101 in total expenses, ending October with $569 in his campaign fund.    

Fundraising records for other local candidates were not immediately available Friday. In the county commissioner races, retired sheriff’s deputy and sales tax officer Kerry will face incumbent Darrell Hicks for Place 1 while veteran Cullman police officer Lt. J.P. White and former county commissioner chairman James Graves will run against incumbent Stanley Yarbrough for Place 2. Incumbent Revenue Commissioner Barry Willingham does not currently have a challenger.

Deadline for candidates to qualify is in April. The primary will be June 3, and the general election will be Nov. 4.

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