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January 31, 2013

NARCOG board to discuss by-laws committee, executive director

Members of the North-central Alabama Regional Council of Governments are expected to conduct a special called meeting at 3 p.m. Friday at the organization’s building in Decatur.

On the agenda to be discussed is the establishment of a by-laws committee, and the temporary executive director position.

During a regularly scheduled meeting last Wednesday in Holly Pond, board members from Cullman and Lawrence County voted 6-2, with six members abstaining, to appoint West Point Mayor Kenneth Kilgo to the position after current interim executive director Lona Johns turned in a resignation letter.

In an email sent out to a recently reduced voting board notifying them of today’s meeting, Morgan County’s seven representatives were included. According to NARCOG board chairman and Cullman County Commissioner Stanley Yarbrough, the reason the issue of temporary executive director is back on the agenda is because members of Morgan County wanted to discuss the issue.

He added, “And I don’t have a problem with that being on there.”

Since learning of Morgan County’s planned presence at the meeting, several of Cullman County’s non-voting members have become concerned about the legality of it, stating the organization would not be following its by-laws.

In previous meetings, it has been noted once Morgan County accepted a compromise that would allow them to regain 50 percent control of NARCOG, they would then have to adopt a resolution and petition Cullman and Lawrence County for re-entry.

Johns said that is not the case.

“Morgan County is participating in the meeting and there is nothing wrong with that,” said Johns, who resigned because of retirement effective Feb. 6. “The fact is, the statute in our by-laws applies to someone new, not Morgan County. They are not new.”

The 7-4-3 compromise that was reached last Wednesday reduced the voting board from 40 to 14 members. In an emailed document to The Times from Johns’, it lists Morgan County’s seven voting members as Chairman Ray Long, Commissioner Greg Abercrombie, Commissioner Randy Vest, Mayor Don Kyle, Mayor Don Hall, Mayor Melvin Duran, and Larry Waye. Cullman County’s four voting members include Chairman Kenneth Walker, Commissioner Darrell Hicks, Commissioner Stanley Yarbrough, and Mayor Johnny Dyar, who is chairman of the Mayor’s Association, while Lawrence County is represented by Commissioner Bobby Burch, Commissioner Mose Jones, and Mr. Dale Davis.

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