- Cullman, Alabama

October 9, 2012

Harmony School water pressure issue nearly resolved

By Ashley Graves
The Cullman Times

— Cullman County commissioners and school system officials have been trying for the past several years to solve an ongoing water pressure issue at Harmony Elementary School.

However, it hasn't worked out quite as they had hoped.

With the issue at a critical level, both groups made another push toward getting the problem fixed. And this time, it looks as though it's a done deal.

During the county commission's latest meeting, commissioners approved and awarded Apel Machine, a local company, to complete the building and electrical part of the project. In February, the commission awarded two separate bids — one for pump station installation, and the other for supply line installation, both of which have since been completed.

"We're patiently awaiting the hook up of everything," Harmony principal Hank Allen said. "They've been dealing with the weather lately, and we understand that."

Allen said the water pressure issue "has been going on a good while," and noted it presented itself as a problem at the inception of the building in 2006.

Cullman County Superintendent Billy Coleman expressed his appreciation to those helping make the project happen.

"We're very grateful," Coleman said. "This is something that has been needed, and I appreciate all of the people that have helped make that happen. We're real excited to get this behind us and get it done."

According to the engineer over the project, it will take three to four weeks to get contracts assigned and insurance in place with the latest bid awarded to Apel Machine. He anticipated construction to begin around the first to middle of November, and a completion date by the first of the year.

Though he doesn't anticipate a great deal of difference in the water pressure once everything is complete, Allen said it still should be noticeable.

"The water pressure now has been pretty adequate, but I think we'll see some difference once this project is complete," he said. " I think this will give us a more confident feeling more than anything."

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