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July 7, 2013

$499,000 bid approved for Duck River dam diversion

As engineers continue to study and rework the design of the proposed Duck River Dam, the utilities board has awarded a $499,000 bid for pipe to install a massive diversion at the dam site.

Officials had planned to move forward with dam construction soon, but additional geological work found more clay in the dam site than originally anticipated. Engineers are now taking a second look at the design to determine what changes need to be made to the hybrid earth-fill/roller-compacted concrete construction plan to fit the geology.

To keep the timeline on track, the utilities board is using the down time to move forward with construction of a 10-foot diameter, approximately 728-foot-long diversion. The bid has been awarded to Hanson Pipe and Precast in Birmingham. The bid was slightly below the $502,000 amount originally budgeted.

The first shipment of pipe will be delivered by September 1, and every piece should arrive within one month from that date. Work will be done by Phase I contractor Brasfield & Gorrie.

The Cullman utilities board, with the cooperation of Cullman County and other area water systems, is creating a 640-acre lake with a 32-million-gallon-per-day capacity in northeast Cullman County. The dam will be approximately 2,000 feet wide. Once complete the lake will be used in conjunction with the area’s sole water source, Lake Catoma.

Due to the redesign, the exact cost of the project is currently unknown. But, it was originally budgeted at approximately $68 million.

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