- Cullman, Alabama

August 20, 2013

Minor school bus accident on 1st day of school

Smooth traffic with reworked city schools traffic plan

By Trent Moore and Lauren Estes
The Cullman Times

— There was a minor school bus accident Monday afternoon in the Hanceville area, though officials say no one was hurt and students were quickly transferred onto a different bus.

The accident occurred around downtown Hanceville, involving a school bus and one other vehicle. Cullman County Board of Education Superintendent Billy Coleman described the incident as a “minor fender bender.”

“Sadly, stuff like this happens sometimes, but it was at no fault of the bus driver and just one of those things that can happen as everyone gets back into the swing of things,” he said. “But, we’re so glad everyone was fine and everything was fine.”

Aside from the minor accident, Coleman said there were no other transportation issues.

Within the City of Cullman, officials say a reworked traffic plan flowed smoothly with some minor delays on the first day of school. Law enforcement and school officials met last week to discuss adjusted routes to help minimize traffic at several schools, including Cullman High where a large construction project is ongoing. Those plans were implemented on Monday.

Cullman Police Captain Bobby Kelley said the true test will come as students learn their way to classrooms and parents get into the drop-off routine at Cullman Primary School.

“I think the alternate routes played a role in not having as much traffic issues,” Kelley said. “Instead of dropping their kids off, a lot of parents walked their kids to school this morning which assisted us, but at the same time, in a few days when the kids know their way around, the traffic will be tested as parents will be dropping kids off and picking them up which will cause congestion.”

Although Kelley said today went well, they did notice a few drivers had trouble reconciling the new patterns and one-way routes.

“It’s confusing and going to take a little time to learn,” Kelley said. ”We had one student that went around the block three times trying to figure out how to go into the school. We were finally able to direct her in.”