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May 11, 2014

Holly Pond library board given control of funding

HOLLY POND — The town council voted Monday night to create a new bank account giving the Guy Hunt Memorial Library Board access and control of library funding.

Holly Pond Mayor Herman Nail was addressed at the beginning of Monday night’s council meeting by library board member Bill Oliver, who requested better accountability and access to the bank account that contains the library’s funding.

“We have summer programs going on and we will have some grant opportunities we will be able to apply for and we’re scheduled for an audit in October, which brings us to the big point,” Oliver said. “In getting ready for the summer, we really have no idea what we have to work with. We don't know how much we can tell them to prepare to order. We went to the bank and pulled the site fund and we went from $4,000 to $500. We have not written a check, and that's a withdrawal of about $3,770 and then put into the library fund. How many accounts do we have and do we actually need?”

Nail told Oliver the bank account that is defined as the “site fund” contains money that he typically takes to the bank which can be used by the library, but the library fund contains money put in by the Town of Holly Pond.

“The other account is the money we put in, it wasn’t the library’s money,” Nail said. “Our attorney should be able to suggest what we need to do in this case because that would make it easier to understand when money is coming and going.”

Oliver said they were simply looking for a way to become more accountable with the funds.

“If people were to donate, we'd like to know what is going in and coming out; We just want to know what's being done with it,” Oliver said.

Town Attorney Dan Willingham advised the council to have a limited number of people to have access to the account, which would also be beneficial for auditing purposes.

A motion was made and passed to create a library board account following the discussion.

Oliver also addressed the hours of the library and conflicting events causing the library to close unexpectedly.

“We’re questioning the fact that the library is closed when it is supposed to be opened because meetings are scheduled,” Oliver said. “We’d like the council to not close the library since the meetings are held in the adjourning room, not the actual library itself. Having the library open isn’t affecting the meeting, so we’d like for it to stay open when it’s scheduled to be open.”

Nail and the council agreed to keep the current hours posted and keep the library open when it is scheduled to be open.

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