- Cullman, Alabama

May 18, 2013

Six facing drug charges in separate arrests across county

Charges include meth manufacturing, marijuana trafficking

By Lauren Estes
The Cullman Times

— Four people were arrested on multiple charges, including meth manufacturing, after deputies responded to a possible burglary-in-progress call around 3:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Danny Ryans, 29, Jerry Robinson, 35, Diahn Peterson, 47, and Destiny Madaia Devlin, 19, of Jasper, were arrested on Chad Drive in Lot 19C Thursday morning. Cullman County Sheriff Mike Rainey said the Cullman Narcotics Enforcement Team (CNET) was also involved in the arrests.

“After deputies responded, they immediately smelled a strong chemical odor coming from the mobile home in reference to the possible burglary in progress,” Rainey said. “Whoever called in said the residence was vacant and believed someone was manufacturing illegal drugs while inside.”

Rainey said the deputies witnessed two subjects run behind a nearby trailer and hide from officers. After a short foot pursuit, both subjects were apprehended around 3:30 a.m.

“The female subject [Devlin] was uncooperative and wouldn’t give correct identification,” Rainey said. “After getting background information on her, deputies found her true identity and that she had active warrants on her out of the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, one being a probation violation.”

Rainey said that Devlin had left a rehab facility without permission where she was court ordered to stay. She was charged with obstruction, using a false identification and attempting to elude officers. Ryans was arrested under the same charges, as well as a controlled substance crime.

“After the deputies placed those two under arrest and had them in custody, they went back to the mobile home on Chad Drive,” Rainey said. “The two in custody said they purchased meth from that location.”

Deputies called CNET, and agents were able to obtain a search warrant for the residence. After serving the warrant, deputies and CNET members found two coffee filters with residue on them which tested positive for methamphetamine, a pint size glass jar with residue that also tested positive for methamphetamine, salt, muriatic acid, a cold pack, and a crystal heat drain opener. Mixed chemicals were also located in the bathtub inside the master bedroom, Rainey said.

“At that time, they located the two occupants of the trailer that were hiding next door in another residence,” Rainey said. “They admitted to being in the home, manufacturing meth, and had possession of methampetamine on their person.”

Robinson and Peterson were both charged with two counts of unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance.

All four suspects are being held at the Cullman County Detention Center. Ryans and Devlin are being held on - bond, while Robinson and Peterson are each being held on $2 million bonds.

“I want to thank the patrol deputies and CNET who are making arrests and keeping us safe at all hours,” Rainey said.

Cullman man arrested on drug trafficking charges

The Cullman Narcotics Enforcement Team executed a search warrant and found over four pounds of marijuana at a Cullman home on Thursday.

Danny Sears, 55, was arrested at his home at 3 p.m. on Thursday on County Road 1603 in Cullman on a drug trafficking charge. CNET Director Joey Cone said an investigation into Sears has been on-going for several weeks.

“Our CNET agents were working the case, and we had probable cause for a search warrant,” Cone said. “Cullman County Sheriff’s office SWAT team helped us execute the search warrant and secured the area. After it was secure we went into the residence and when we did the search, we found the marijuana.”

Cone said they do not suspect the house was a grow operation, but Sears already had the finished product ready for sale in four larger bags weighing roughly one pound each, along with five smaller bags.

Cullman County Sheriff Mike Rainey said the team effort between departments and local citizens makes the arrest-making process that much easier.

“This has been an on-going investigation that started with complaints from  neighbors about traffic in and out of the residence,” Rainey said. “We were able to serve the search warrant and get a little over four pounds of marijuana off the street. Thanks to CNET and the patrol guys, and also to the citizens for their help. If it’s not a joint effort, you can’t make as much progress. We’re all here for the same reason, to serve the public and to try and clean-up the community. I just can’t say enough about what a good job they do.”

Sears is being held at the Cullman County Detention Center on a $1 million bond. Drug trafficking is a Class-C felony.

Hanceville man arrested on four drug distribution charges

 Hanceville City Police Department served four drug distribution arrest warrants on a Hanceville man Thursday night at 5:30 p.m. at his residence.

James Perry, 42, was arrested at his home on College Drive at Key Stone apartments. Chief Bob Long with the Police Department said the arrest followed a 4-5 month investigation on Perry by Hanceville Police.

“We executed the warrant at his residence and he denied the charges, but we told him we had evidence and four arrest warrants on him,” Long said.

Each drug distribution charge is a Class-C Felony. Perry is being held at the Cullman County Detention Center on a $120, 000 bond.

The investigation on Perry is on-going and other charges could be added.

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