- Cullman, Alabama

May 3, 2013

Hanceville moratorium lifted after five years

By Lauren Estes
The Cullman Times

HANCEVILLE — Since 2009, a moratorium had been placed on the City of Hanceville requiring special permission to build anything in the city limits. As of Thursday, it’s been lifted. Or, as Mayor Kenneth Nail put it: “Hanceville is open for business.”

“For the last few years, Hanceville has been under a building moratorium- which means we cannot hook anyone up to our city sewer because our sewer system was in such bad shape,” Nail said.  “We had to have special permission to hook both Jack’s and Dale’s restaurants up. We received a letter today that basically said with our significant compliance they had lifted the moratorium.”

Issues instigating the moratorium being placed on the City of Hanceville began with the local plant. It is more than 30 years old and would often see more than three times its rated capacity of storm water, which was infiltrated sewage runoff after extreme wet weather. Both sides of the creek had to be maintained in order to keep material and debris from obstructing the water’s flow causing floodwater to back-up into the city. Because the city met with the compliance, homes and businesses will now be able to be built without requesting special permission to do so.

Manager of the Water Works and Sewer Board with the City of Hanceville Nathan Finley said the department will be continuing inflow and infiltration work to maintain the system, but he is excited they can move forward and begin building in Hanceville.

“I think it’s big for the town,” Finley said. “We’ve been waiting on this for a while. It’s been a real hindrance causing issues for real estate, and for people coming our direction. Thankfully, it’s been lifted so we’re ready for customers.”

Nail said the city had to report to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management since 2009 in relation to moratorium and he’s thankful the process is over.

“All I can say is that Hanceville is open for business and we’re ready to build,” Nail said. “So if you’re wanting to build a house or a start a business, we will be able to do this. That’s big for us to be able to say that, we haven’t been able to in five years.”

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