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November 13, 2013

Taking proper precautions as colder weather approaches

CULLMAN — Let home faucets drip overnight to protect pipes from freezing, check the anti-freeze in automobiles, and dress in layers before going outdoors. All of these cold weather tips should be taken into consideration this week with the low temperatures and high wind gusts coming through the area.

Cullman County Emergency Management Association (EMA) Director Phyllis Little said with the falling temperatures, it’s never too early to prepare for cold weather.

“As far as the weather goes with this system moving through, it’s not severe weather but you will have winds that can move around patio furniture and kid’s toys that are left outside,” Little said. “Take into consideration there can be 45-50 mph wind gusts. This is not the time to be out trimming trees. Dress in layers, take precautions for your animals in the cold weather, and it’s never too early to check the anti-freeze in your car.”

  Tuesday night will see lows in the 20s and Wednesday’s high temperature will be around 45 with a low of 24, Little said.

“Letting your faucets drip overnight wouldn’t be a bad idea to protect pipe’s from freezing,” Little said. “Many put plastic over the windows in wood-framed homes to help keep the wind out. Anyway to retain heat in your home like that is something to think about.”

As the temperatures become colder, residents will begin heating their homes and that’s when Fire Chief Junior Reinhardt suggests a few preventative measures of his own in dealing with fire safety.

“Space heaters are used often, so make sure you have clearance on them and they have the proper fuel,” Reinhardt said. “With chimneys being used,  make sure they’re clean and you inspect it for cracks and build-up.”

Reinhardt said many people resort to using extension cords in excess, which can be a safety hazard.

“When using heaters, they do not need to be plugged into extension cords, and you need to make sure they are burning good and are clean,” Reinhardt said. “Also make sure your smoke detectors are working correctly and check the batteries. In case of power outages, have stuff on hand like water and extra food.”

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